Follow These 5 Steps And She Will Beg You To Sleep With Her!

"Discover 5 Simple Steps That Activates Any Woman's "Lust Triggers" And Make Her Desperate To Hook Up With You In Just Seconds!"

Best Part: These Steps Slip Past Her Defenses And Make Her Want You Even If Overweight, Broke, Too Old And Typically Turn Women Off!

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From: Magic

Dear Friend,

Get ready, because I’m going to share a few innocent words that will make any woman so turned on she’s eager to hook up with you in just seconds.

So pay close attention because I’m about to unlock the door to a lifetime of sexual satisfaction for you, no matter what you look like, how old you are, or how much money you have in the bank.

Want to know the best part? These innocent words work on every woman. She could be a supermodel, a famous actress, your favorite waitress, the girl next door. She could even be half your age, and once she hears these innocent words…

She Will Be Begging You To Sleep With Her

…and eager to act out all of your sexual fantasies together.


So read very carefully, because before the end of this short article, I’ll show you exactly how to use my innocent words on any woman you want, so that you can turn her into a casual hookup, or finally get out of the friend zone, or even make her fall in love with you if you want!

These Words Work Even If She's Rejected You Before Or You Think She's Out Of Your League

See, these innocent words activate little known female lust triggers and make the woman you want so embarrassingly horny and turned on that she has no choice but to beg you to take her home. IMMEDIATELY.

They make her so aroused that she’ll beg you to hook up with her the first time you use them, even if she “just wants to be friends” or has rejected you before.

There are thousands of men out there using my innocent words to gain an unfair advantage over every other man and live out all their sexual desires and fantasies with the women they want.

I’ll show you exactly how Will, and Erik, and thousands of other men just like them are getting the results they want with the kind of women they want, but first I have to give you a fair warning:

You need to read this article right now.

It’s only a matter of time until a group of angry women try to ban me from teaching these innocent words because these words work on an unconscious level to make women sexually lose control it could be said that they give men like me and you complete sexual control over women without their knowledge. 
So if you’re thinking of reading this article later, you should absolutely read it now, because if you wait, you might miss your opportunity to get my it words forever.

So if you’ve got one woman in mind that you really want to hook up with, or if you want the power to hook up with a new woman every day, or even force your ex to come crawling back, begging for you to take her back into bed so she can be yours forever by using my guaranteed rejection-proof innocent words…

Then You Should Read This Article Like Your Life Depends On It

Because if we’re being honest here, if you were hooking up with the women you really wanted, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

You’ve decided to keep reading because you’re having a hard time getting laid, or, if you are getting laid, it’s not with the women you really want.

And when you do find a woman who you want to sleep with, you don’t know what to say to her to turn her on and you wind up getting ignored, rejected, and humiliated… or even stuck in the friend-zone.

The truth is, you’ve been settling for less than you want, and you’re tired of it!

And believe me, I understand. I know how you feel right now, because I’ve been there.

I’ve sat alone at home, filled with confusion, frustration, even depression trying to figure out how to have success with women.

I tried everything I could think of, classes, books, audio programs, you name it and after everything, I realized one very important thing:

I realized that…

There were two types of men in this world: Men who know what to say to women and men who don't.

If you don’t know what to say to women, you freeze up in conversation, can’t think of what to say next, and get ignored. Or worse, flat out rejected and humiliated, and you never get the kind of women you really want.

However, if you know what to say to women…

You Get Laid Automatically, Without Any Effort


You don’t even have to think about what to say next, the right words automatically come out of your mouth and make the woman you want desperate to hook up with you.

Until now, no one has ever discovered the exact words that activate the lust-triggers buried deep inside every woman and implant uncontrollable feelings of attraction and desire deep in her body, but that’s exactly what I’ve discovered.

Listen, I’m getting older, I’m starting to lose my hair, I don’t have a lot of money and I never go to the gym. In short, I’m the kind of guy you would think could never get a woman in bed.

And for a long time, I couldn’t.

That’s why I decided to study men who were absolute naturals with women. Men who were born with the gift of knowing exactly what to say to any woman to make her desperately attracted to him.

I spent years studying these “naturals”, and I made a shocking discovery: they were all saying the same exact things!

Every one of these “natural” “men with charm” were using the same exact words to get women so turned on…


They Couldn't Control Themselves And Begged To Be Taken Home For Some Red Hot Sex

I thought there was no way that was just a coincidence and so I took it on myself to ‘do a little research’ and try out these innocent words for myself.

And you know what? They worked with the first woman I used them on.

And the next one.

And the next one. 

My friends couldn’t help but notice that I was bringing home incredibly hot women, and they demanded that I tell them my secret.

So I told them my innocent words, and when they started using them, they couldn’t believe that they were effortlessly sleeping with women they had only dreamed of.

Every single friend I told my innocent words to got spectacular results practically overnight, and when we realized these innocent words worked for every guy who knew them, with any woman he wanted, we went wild!

We just couldn’t stop laughing at how easy it was.

My friend said that all you have to do is say a couple words and the woman you want is instantly attracted to you, it’s like a manual to flirting…and that’s when we decided to call it The Attraction Bible.

Well, all of a sudden, I have guys I don’t even know calling and emailing me, begging me to reveal my Attraction Bible to them, so I finally gave in and hosted a one time only seminar (that I charged $3,000 to get in the door) where I revealed my secrets to the men lucky enough to get in.

I knew some guys wouldn’t believe it could be so easy to instantly turn a woman on through conversation, so the first night I took everyone out to show them my innocent words in action so they could see my words work under pressure on the hottest women I could find!

Here’s what My Client who paid $3,000 said about it later:

Implanting Intense Feelings Of Lust And Uncontrollable Desire In Her Body

These innocent words sound totally normal on their own. You could use them in everyday conversation and no one would bat an eye.

The trick is, when you use them together, it makes the woman you want sexually lose control and beg you to hook up with her.

Once you say the last word, all you have to do is sit back and relax. She might get quiet, but don’t say anything else.

Just watch her cheeks blush and her eyes get wide as she feels uncontrollable sexual desire spreading through her body like wildfire and she realizes that she wants you to take her home, right now.

Her chest will swell as she begins to breathe heavier and she’ll find any excuse to get closer to you and touch you. And finally, she will completely sexually lose control and make the first move on YOU.

There’s no chance of rejection because she’s the one begging YOU to hook up with her. It’s as simple as sitting back and letting her chase her way into your pants.

That’s why The Attraction Bible is the easiest way to have casual hookups anytime you want with any woman you desire, or with that one woman you’ve always wanted but never thought you could actually have.

This will work for you even if you're:

  • Afraid you're not "her type"
  • Don't feel like you're in the best shape of your life
  • Sometimes freeze up around women
  • Aren't having the type of success you want with the women you really desire
  • Don't have too much hair left
  • Think you're "past your prime"
  • Don't like to "dress fancy"
  • Worried women don't find you attractive
  • Don't have the biggest bank account
  • Sometimes have a hard time finding things to say in a conversation
  • Sometimes have trouble making women laugh
  • Don't feel like she thinks you're interesting
  • Don't think you're the best looking guy
  • Don't feel like the most confident man in a room

Or even if you don’t know how to talk to women, and even if you think the woman you want doesn’t want you.

Just say my innocent words and she will beg you to hook up with her, even if you think you don’t deserve her.

Let me tell you what The Attraction Bible is not, so you know exactly what you're getting.

  • You don't have to practice any cheesy or stupid pick up lines in front of a mirror.
  • You don't have to do anything weird or embarrassing.
  • You don't have to memorize anything or do anything complicated, and you don't have to change the way you look or dress.

In fact, The Attraction Bible will instantly give you an unfair advantage over all other men and give you the power to…

More Success Stories

I almost got laid after watching the first DVD alone. The only reason I couldn’t take the girl home with me was because her boyfriend showed up just as we were getting ready to leave!

That’s right! The girl had a boyfriend all along, but the attraction that I generated from T.E.A.S.E was so strong that she didn’t even bring him up.

-Victor. Los Angeles, California

After the show we grabbed a few drinks… being at bars where I used to see guys with multiple girls or really hot girls and thought why can’t that be me. Well now that is me!

The girl I told you about from my past will be back in town soon and she wants to hang out with me. And another girl who has been texting me here and there (I haven’t made much time lately) so I’ll see what she’s up to as well.

Life is pretty damn good and getting better thanks to you!

-Danny. Denver, Colorado 

Effortlessly Hook Up With Any Woman You Desire

That’s why I’ve built a super-secure private website where you can download my system and discover everything in just a few minutes from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

This system is easy to understand. There’s nothing complicated and no guesswork involved. It’s so easy to use that it becomes second nature to get the woman you want to sexually lose control and beg you to take her to bed.

No matter what you look like, how old you are, or even if she’s rejected you in the past.

What Type Of Women Does This Work On?

You can use it on a coworker, a friend, your favorite waitress. You could even use it on a woman just walking down the street, and because it slips past her defenses and activates her lust triggers, SHE makes the first move on YOU, and there’s zero chance of getting rejected.

(Which is what makes it so easy to sleep with a woman who has a boyfriend… not that I’m telling you to do that)

You can use it to get a woman from your past to beg you for sex, or even to make an ex girlfriend come crawling back into bed with you.

Plus, once you use my this to make her crave sex with you, it’s so easy to make her want a relationship again, and even make her fall in love with you if you want.

One of the best parts of what I’m about to share with you is that you don’t have to use it in person. Everything is just as effective with texting, phone calls, and even email.

So if the woman you want lives far away, you can use my innocent words to make her come straight to your door begging for sex. That’s why you can clean up on online dating sites and facebook.

Listen, before we go any further, I have to be 100% honest with you. I just want to help guys get laid. The Attraction Bible will give you an unfair advantage over every other guy, and in the wrong hands they could do terrible things.

If you’re one of those creeps who gets off on hurting women and ruining their lives…


The Attraction Bible is only for guys who want to have sex whenever they want, with the type of woman they truly desire.

Here’s just some of what you can expect when you take The Attraction Bible home with you today:

In just a few seconds, I’m going to show you exactly how to get The Attraction Bible right now.

But first, let’s look at what you’re going to get when you take The Attraction Bible home with you today.


  • The exact innocent words to say to any woman that slip past her defenses and turn her on so that she comes chasing after you and begs to get into your pants! (Men who know these words never freeze up, feel stupid, or get rejected by women. Instead they get the woman they want every time, effortlessly!)
  • Why these innocent words work on any woman and work even better on younger women to make them so horny that they beg you to sleep with them! (Imagine dating women 10, 20, even 30 years younger than you!)
  • How this system automatically reads her signals and lets you know what she really wants so that you always know exactly what to say and never get rejected! (Which means you never have to feel awkward, uncomfortable, or do anything embarrassing.)
  • The secret trick that forces any woman to make the first move on you, so that you never get rejected and always keep her chasing after you!
  • Exactly what to say to a woman who’s not physically attracted to you, thinks you’re “not her type” or that she’s out of your league that makes her throw attraction out the window and desperately try to prove how much she wants to sleep with you! (I’ve seen balding, overweight guys without two nickels to rub together use this trick to bring home women who are WAY out of their league.)
  • The secret to powerful non-verbal attraction, and how knowing what to say automatically transforms weak, unattractive body language into powerful, attractive, dominant body language, instantly!
  • Exactly what to say to a “prude” woman or an “ice queen” to ignite her primal, sexual side and turn her into your own personal nymphomaniac!
  • How knowing what to say to a woman with a boyfriend can make her very single and very interested in hooking up with you, very quickly!
  • The secret of turning the woman you want into your loyal, faithful girlfriend, even if you think you don’t deserve her! (Guys who know this secret have the most dedicated, loyal, loving girlfriends in the world, no matter whether they deserve them or not!)
  • And so much more!

Never Ending Success Stories

I love the videos, and the touching of the hair! I get goose bumps when people touch my ears!  I would probably fall for a guy if he did that to me!

-Jackie. Minnesota (Women at seminar)

I can’t believe this. It is only six day since I finished reading your book and I already made out with a perfect 10 last night…

Thank you thank you thank you for this has never happened before! I already feel successful and confident!

-Anthony G. Los Angeles, California

Listen, because you’ve been paying close attention, you’re probably starting to realize that The Attraction Bible is completely different than anything you’ve seen before, and maybe you’re even starting to imagine how you’re going to use it, or who you’re going to use it on first.

You might be wondering, how do I get access to The Attraction Bible? How much does it cost? Is it guaranteed to work for me? 

I’ll answer those questions right now, but before I do, I have a question for you:

What’s it worth to you to be able to hook up with any woman you want as easy as pushing a button?

What’s it worth to never worry that women don’t find you attractive ever again because you can make any woman desperate and eager to hop into bed with you, and even make her fall in love with you, for who you really are?

What’s it worth to be able to walk down the street and pick the woman you want most and make her so turned on that she sexually loses control and begs you to take her to bed?

What’s it worth to have the jealousy and respect of other men who feel unbelievable envy that you get to sleep with whatever woman you want, and still can’t help but respect you for it?

I’ve had grown men beg me on their hands and knees to get access to The Attraction Bible and because you found this page before my advance sale is over, you’re about to discover all of the secrets inside The Attraction Bible and you won’t have to beg at all.

You Need To Be Quick And Claim Your Spot Right Now

There are only a few spots left, and they’re going fast. You might expect me to charge thousands for Instant Attraction Words, but I’m not even charging $1,000.

Or even $500.

Or even $200.

The regular price that other men have paid is $99.95. However, because you’re here and reading this article, when you claim your spot right now, you can get access to The Attraction Bible for only $59.93.

100% Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked!

Here’s what I mean: when you click the add to cart button below right now and take The Attraction Bible home with you, I’m so confident that you will effortlessly hook up with the woman you want that I’m giving you a 60 day, 100% ironclad money back guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with The Attraction Bible, just send me an email and I’ll happily refund every last penny with no questions asked.

Because when you click the add to cart button below right now and order The Attraction Bible, you get instant electronic access to the full system and all of the bonuses I’m about to show you.

Listen, because you’re about to become part of an exclusive club,

I'm Going To Include 17 Incredible Bonuses
You Won't Find Anywhere Else


Bonus Book #1: Make Her Laugh And She's Yours

The saying is true: “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do ANYTHING.”

In this bonus book, I’ll show you a trick that automatically tickles any woman’s ‘funny bone’, instantly turning her on and making her desperate to sleep with you… even if you think you don’t have a funny bone in your entire body.

This one trick gives you the power hidden in laughter to create a ‘shortcut’ in any woman’s brain that makes her desperate and eager to tear your pants off and sleep with you!


Bonus Book #3: The Players Playbook

This bonus will give you my proven, guaranteed surefire tactics to making women desperate to go home with you!

I’ve spent years perfecting my tricks and strategies for taking home women, and I’m releasing them all for the very first time in this brand new tell-all bonus book.

Even if you think she’s out of your league, or you think you’re too old or out of shape for her, you can use these absolutely foolproof tactics to bring her home TONIGHT.


Video Bonus #2: Powerful Body Language Secrets

In this video bonus I’ll demonstrate the exact body language that women find completely irresistible.

If you have the right body language, it literally doesn’t matter what you say and do, women will still become attracted to you and want to take you home.

This one video will show you exactly how easy it is to instantly fix unattractive body language and become a man that women approach, hit on, and take home!


Video Bonus #4: Attraction Signals

Do you know how to tell if a woman is attracted to you? If you’ve ever been confused about whether a woman wants you, you NEED to see this shocking video, which reveals in detail the exact signs that a woman is into you and wants you to take her home. 

This video will show you the drop dead giveaway signs that a woman is turned on, horny, and thinking about having sex with you… even if she hasn’t said anything yet!

These guaranteed giveaways will let you know exactly when a woman is interested in you, so that you never get rejected and always know exactly what to do to take her home.


Video Bonus #6: Anytime Attraction Tactics

If you’re tired of trying to pick up women at bars or at night, you need this incredible video that will show you exactly how to attract any woman during the daytime, anywhere you are!

With the tips in this video, you’ll know exactly what to say and do to attract any woman you want, no matter where you are. 

You could be at the Laundromat, the supermarket, you could even be walking down the street, and when you use these tips she’ll be helpless to resist and desperate to go home with you and “get to know you better”!


Video Bonus #8: What To Do If She Has A Boyfriend

Have you ever thought things were going great with a woman, until she said the four worst words you could hear: “I have a boyfriend”?

In this bonus, you’ll discover the sneaky and shockingly simple way around that obstacle, as well as many other common objections that women use. 

When you discover the sneaky tricks and tactics in this bonus, you can get around any excuse, and get her turned on and desperate to get into your pants… even if she has a boyfriend.


Video Bonus #10: Automatic Attraction

This bonus will show you my top-secret technique to build attraction in the woman you’re talking to with every word you say… without her knowing you’re doing anything at all!

With this technique, every word out of your mouth will build a stronger and more intense desire for you in the woman you want. She will find herself sexually losing control and craving you, and she won’t even know why! 

Before long, she’ll be begging you to take her home to satisfy her uncontrollable desire for you.


Video Bonus #12: Best Date Ever

In this video bonus, I’ll show you exactly how to plan a date that leaves her excited, turned on, and eager to sleep with you!

Whether it’s your first date or your 100th, these date ideas will powerfully build her attraction to you, so that by the end she’ll be begging you to come home with her!


Video Bonus #14: Dirty Talk Mastery

Have you ever frozen up in a sexual situation and not known what to say to turn on the woman you want? 

With this video bonus, I’ll give you the exact words to say to any woman that turn her on more than anything. These words turn her on so much that she will practically attack you with lust once you say them! 

You’ll never feel awkward or not know what to say in the bedroom ever again, and the woman you want will feel such uncontrollable desire for you that she won’t be able to stop herself from sleeping with you!


Bonus Book #2: Instant Flirting Mastery

In this bonus, I’ll show you exactly what to say to any woman to turn her on and implant an uncontrollable need in her body to take you home and ride you all night long!

When you discover the secrets in this book, you’ll never freeze up in conversation, and you’ll always know exactly what to say to make any woman hot, horny, and eager to sleep with you.


Video Bonus #1: How To Take Her Home

In this bonus video, I go out into a real bar and pick up the hottest women I can find live.

You can see all of the tips and tricks I’ve included in my program put to the test and watch as they turn on woman after woman and make her desperate to go home with me.

You can use this video to see exactly how my tactics work, so that you can use them yourself and take home any woman you want, from anywhere you want, as easily as snapping your fingers.


Video Bonus #3: Attracting ``The One``

Do you have one woman in mind that you want more than anything? Do you want to know how to make her want you just as much as you want her?

In this video bonus, I’ll show you exactly how to attract, take home, and start a relationship with the one woman you want more than any other.

It doesn’t matter if she’s put you in the friend zone, or rejected you before, or doesn’t even know you exist! After you watch this video, the woman you want will be unable to resist you and will want to get intimate with you, practically overnight!


Video Bonus #5: Ultimate Date Night Tips

In this video, I’ll show you exactly how to set up your apartment for a date with the woman you want that will instantly turn her on and get her thinking about sex with you… as soon as she walks in the door!

This video contains the simple, easy tips every guy should know about bringing a woman over for a date, so that she starts getting turned on right when she walks in the door, and always wants to “stay over after dinner” for some red hot sex!


Video Bonus #7: How To Make Your Move

Have you ever gotten nervous about when to make your move and blown it with a woman you really wanted? Do you want a foolproof trick that works every single time, and ignites the sexuality between you and the woman you want, without ever getting rejected?

In this video bonus, I’ll show you my exact moves that work every time without rejection, so that you can get sexual with the woman you want no matter what. 

These moves are proven winners, and when you know them you’ll never feel nervous about making the first move ever again.


Video Bonus #9: Instant Conversation Starter

This bonus will show you the fastest and easiest ways to start a conversation with the woman you want.

These little-known proven strategies are rejection-proof, and get the woman you want engaged and interested in talking to you. 

She’ll be hanging on to every word you say as she loses sexual control more and more and begs you to take her home.


Video Bonus #11: Deadly Texting Mistakes

This bonus will show you the worst mistakes that almost every guy makes while texting that turn women off and ruin your chances without you even knowing it. 

These mistakes are so easy to make and so common that most guys don’t even know they exist, and yet they will ruin your chances with the woman you want almost instantly. 

Don’t make one of these mistakes and mess things up for good! Get this bonus to learn how to build uncontrollable attraction in the woman you want through your texts instead.


Video Bonus #13: First Impression Fix

Do you really want one specific woman, but you made a bad first impression on her? If so, you need the guaranteed fix that I reveal in this video bonus, which “re-writes” her first impression of you and makes her feel intense attraction for you instead!

In fact, this trick works even better the worse your first impression was! She’ll be wondering how she could have been “so wrong” about you, and she’ll be very eager to get to know you “a whole lot better”, very quickly!

You Must Act Right Now

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You could keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, trying the same thing over and over again with probably the same results, wasting years and years of your life never experiencing satisfaction with the woman you really want.

Honestly, if you’ve read this far in the article, it means that what you’ve been doing with women hasn’t been working. If it was, you wouldn’t need The Attraction Bible.

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Feel her grab your arm and pull you into the corner of the room so that she can grind up against you and whisper all the dirty things she wants to do to you.

Hear her voice get breathless and filled with sexual desire as she begs you to take her home right now.

Imagine getting that kind of attention from women all the time. Imagine how great life will be when you know exactly what to say to any woman to make her desperately want to have sex with you.

No more frustration. No more humiliation. No more feeling hopeless.

Instead of feeling nervous and not knowing what to say, you’ll stand out from the crowd. The woman you want won’t be able to help herself. She will sexually lose control and beg you to take her home.

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Give The Attraction Bible a try now, what have you got to lose? Get the woman you really want turned on and begging you to sleep with her.

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It’s all up to you.

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Magic Le`one

Got Questions?

If you’re still thinking about it, I bet you have some questions. Here are some of the most common questions I get, and the answers to help you out.

Q: When this article comes down, will I still get access to The Attraction Bible?

A: 100%, absolutely yes. This article is the only part of The Attraction Bible that is coming down. The member’s only page will stay up no matter what, so you will always have access. Plus, you can download the entire system to your hard drive if you prefer, so that you have it no matter what.

Q: How fast do I get access to Instant Attraction Words?

A: As soon as you complete the checkout page, you will get instant access to The Attraction Bible and all of the incredible bonuses.

You will be taken to a private members website where you can download the material in the comfort of your own home. There are no packages to explain and you don’t have to wait for the mail. As soon as you order, the entire system and all of the bonuses are available right at your fingertips.

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Q: Will The Attraction Bible help me get into a relationship?

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However, I should warn you. if you do decide to get into a relationship, it’s going to be very hard for you to stay faithful when you can hook up with any woman you want, anytime you want, anywhere you want.

Q: Will this work for me if I’m ugly/poor/old/fat/bald/etc?

A: Absolutely. Because The Attraction Bible slips right past any woman’s defenses and activates the lust triggers every woman has, it completely bypasses her decision making process.

This means that the woman you use it on won’t be able to stop herself from craving sex with you, because she will be uncontrollably turned on and forced to make the first move. Since you’re not making the first move, there’s no chance of being rejected.

Honestly, because it completely bypasses her rejection mechanism, it overrides her impulse to reject you and makes her chase after you instead. She won’t care what you look like, all she will want is to hook up with you as soon as possible.

Q: Will this work on the specific woman I’m thinking of?

A: Yes. The Attraction Bible targets hard-wired psychology that all women share, and has been proven to work on women of all sizes, ages, races, and personalities.

It works just as well on an ‘ice queen’ as it does on a porn star, and because it activates the lust triggers that every woman has but few men know about and creates feelings of intense arousal and desire in her body, it is 100% reliable.

Q: How is this different from XYZ dating advice?

A: The most important difference between The Attraction Bible and any other book, video, or training program out there, is that The Attraction Bible is the only system that tells you exactly what to say to make any woman desperately want to have sex with you.

It completely cuts guesswork out of the equation, and stops you from freezing up and not knowing what to say to her, because it gives you a complete blueprint of what to say. You never have to fumble over your words or feel awkward ever again.

When you know exactly what to say to her to ignite her lust triggers, all you have to do is sit back and let her chase her way into your pants.

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A: As soon as you download The Attraction Bible and begin to go through the material, you will start to make connections and realize exactly where you’ve gone wrong in the past. You will instantly have ‘light bulb moments’ where you realize exactly what you should have said in a situation to make the woman you want beg you for sex.

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