As you saw in the video the deadliest and the most toxic thing between you and your ideal love life is YOU!

In the video you saw how my client was a victim of his belief system.

But the real issue here is not his belief system.

The real issue is not knowing the right way to get the woman-not knowing the right and wrong things to do to a woman when you first meet her-And finally not knowing how far you can push the envelope with the woman you like.

Majority of men hold back instead of taking chances because they are unsure how to handle women every step of the way.

They do not want to disrespect women or make fool of themselves.

When I was first learning, I knew I was missing something that was keeping me from getting women.

I had a gut feeling that I needed to imitate the looks and style of men who are successful with women.

But at the same time it made no sense at all!

I knew I was not extremely good looking or super wealthy, but I also knew I was not so bad that I couldn’t get a single quality woman on my own.

The math just didn’t seem to add.

It started to affect my self-esteem.

I was very confused where to start. I had no idea which choices were the “RIGHT CHOICE” to get women.

As a result of this confusion and fear, I stopped approaching women.

#1 Thing That Prevents Men From Feeling “NATURAL” and Connecting With Women EFFORTLESSLY!

My number 1 problem was not knowing what women want, how they operate and the “RIGHT WAY” to make them experience a STRONG CONNECTION with me.

Meeting women, flirting with women and seducing them was NOT NATURAL to me.

I did not even know whether women wanted to be approached, and what the right way was to initiate conversation without putting them on the spot.

I did not know there was a specific timeline that I had to follow to make the right impression and get the woman I liked.

I had no clue that there was stuff I could do to generate attraction and make women curious – even before approaching.

And I had no idea about little things I needed to do to make a woman fall for me.

As a result I was shooting in the dark and experiencing HIT OR MISS results.


I had been single for a long time.

I was only used to my male friends and a few female friends that rarely spent time with me.

Most of my male friends were also shy around women, so going out with them was not much help either.

All I had was the new drive to conquer my struggle with women and the idea that I need to present my self as a “COOL MAN” -hoping that would make women want to be with me.

But this was creating a major disconnect.

I was dressing up obnoxious and right of the bat it created inequality between the woman I liked and me.

I was forcing conversation and touches but NOT CALIBRATING to the woman.


I was just not approaching-not touching-not revealing my intention. I was playing safe hoping to not FREAK the woman out with my desire for her.

Women enjoyed my company a bit but never reached a point where they saw me as the “BOYFRIEND” material.

What I did not realized was that a woman’s level of attraction depends on how compatible she feels with you.

You see, I was busy doing my thing, I was barely paying attention to what women were telling me.

Instead of paying attention to the signals from women and calibrating my approach I was delivering the content that made sense to me.

I did this because I was too uncomfortable around women.

I know the content I had on me was safe and time tested.

I did not want to say and do things on the go and risk actions that would kill the interaction.

What I did not realize was that the connection between a man and a woman happens when they both REACT to one another.

And this is where majority of men fail.

Majority of men have no idea how to open up a woman and lead her to a place where she feels comfortable to ACT and REACT so CONNECTION can happen.

Attraction Is Two Way Street!

You Need To Learn To Decode Signals That Women Give Then Reciprocate The RIGHT MOVE 

It took me a long time to discover the SECRET that I did not have to try hard to get women.

I had to step on a level where conversation seemed NATURAL and MUTUAL for a woman to experience connection.

I had to start operating outside my comfort zone and belief system.

I started saying and doing things that felt “NATURAL” at the time no matter how INCORRECT they seemed on the surface.

I stopped watching the clock and started touching, kissing setting dates when it FELT RIGHT.

The good news was that I did not have to change or become someone else.

I just had to FREE myself.

If anything I had to stop acting controlling my behavior.

And this one change in me made my interaction with women FLUID, NATURAL and MUTUAL.

I stopped showing off and started focusing on learning how to respond to women NATURALLY.

And once I had this down, my LIFE CHANGED FOREVER!

Change Your DEFAULT Around Women So Dating Becomes An Effortless And NATURAL Process!

There is no complicated rocket science behind making a woman experience CONNECTION AND DESIRE.

In fact any man can learn how to EFFORTLESSLY make a woman experience that strong attraction for him and connect with her NATURALLY in every environment.

And this is exactly what I teach clients in the workshop.

In my workshops I spend a good portion helping men understand women and develop the RIGHT APPROACH TO GET THEM.

I help them point out mistakes they cannot see which are hurting their chances with women.

I show them how they can behave differently and spontaneously to make it easy to connect with women.

But most importantly I help them build INSTINCTS around the process of meeting and CONNECTING with women so it all feels NATURAL.

This way they can meet women on a regular basis without hesitation and finally settle with the one they like.

In short I teach them how to replace their default lifestyle and bad habits with newer more effective ones so they can start spending time with women.

If you are at a place where you are a hit or miss with women, or you just don’t know where to start, or how to make dating Natural…then I highly recommend you come to a workshop.

It can take years to learn all this on your own…you can avoid all the frustration, mistakes, and efforts that lead to nothing by coming to a workshop.

One workshop is all you need to figure out where you stand, the changes you need to make and the steps to make the process of dating become Natural to you.

You can find the current workshop schedule here:

Just show up to a workshop and leave everything else to me.

My workshop is not about proving how awesome I am.

It is not about impressing you with my knowledge or skills.

It is not about winning you with my awesome attitude.

My workshop has only one goal: Get You Success By Any Means – Everything else may be cool but a waste of your time and money.

And every coach at Attraction Methods has the same goal to bust their ass, get inside your head and push you as far as we can.

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