In the video below, I tackle a very tricky issue that guys email me about: How do I show or tell a woman that I’m attracted to her without coming across as desperate or needy.

Watch This Very Important Video First Then Read The Text

946013_592191464178299_2015280277_nAs I talked about in the video, there’s a VERY fine line between communicating in a way that builds ATTRACTION and sexual tension, and communicating in a way that makes you sound desperate.

1. Letting her know she’s special. This is done by exposing your flaws at the same time communicating what you find special about her specifically – why she’s different from other girls you’ve interacted with in the past. By admitting your flaws, you demonstrate indifference and that you’re a confident guy who doesn’t take himself too serious. This makes the complement you give more believable.

2. Getting to know her friends. By genuinely taking an interest in her social network, you’ll subconsciously communicate that you’re attracted to her.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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