Here are five tips from Andrew to get you started with women:Approach beautiful women. About 90% of men stick to talking with average looking women, and in my experience, really hot women rarely get approached.
By breaking the norm, you demonstrate a higher level of confidence merely by approaching them. As a consequence, they’ll show interest because they assume you’re used to it. And nothing drives sexy women crazier than knowing they have the man that other women love to be around.

Touch women as soon as possible. Most men wait far too long before initiating some form of touch. Touching women early builds comfort, rapport and demonstrates your sexuality. A recent study in France concluded that men who touched women got higher compliance than their peers who withheld. As a general rule, touch women within 30 seconds of meeting her, but make sure it’s longer than usual and comfortable.

Show romantic interest. The biggest mistake men make with women is that they try to distract women from their romantic intentions. They talk for hours and go for the number as they are leaving. With the new wave of pickup artists, it appears this myth is spreading wide. Even if you had no skills with women at all, by simply showing romantic interest you’ll start getting dates and ending up with women by mere odds alone.

Don’t use rehearsed lines or “routines”. It is very tempting to use pick up lines or routines, but they don’t help you get women. They only make you seem fake, disingenuous and creepy. It’s your personality done the right way that will land you that girl. Focus on the essential five elements I call T.E.A.S.E – Tonality, Eye Contact, Animation, Sexual Escalation and Energy. These are what will put you on the fast track to generate the reactions you want in the women around you.

Get you fashion together. I cannot tell you how many men dress ordinary, mainstream or just plain ridiculous. There isn’t a more accurate gauge of your sexuality than the way you dress. You don’t need to wear strange items or look like a Wall Street banker to dress well. You don’t even need much money to make yourself come across sexually to the opposite sex either. Wear good cologne, be hygienic and dress with fitted clothes. Visit a high-end store and ask a female stylist to recommend an entire look for yourself, then go get those clothes for pennies on the dollar elsewhere if you can’t afford them there. Find a highly recommended hair stylist for your initial styling, and you’ll notice the glances from women walking down the street immediately.

Follow these five tips, approach 2 women a day, and it won’t be long before you have a beautiful woman next to you in bed.


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