7 STEP TINDER BLUEPRINT Get 100’s Of Like Each Day, Get Real Dates, And Take Women Home For Sex

Instructor Training Program Client had sex with 4 different women in 4 nights using Tinder during workshop in Mexico. He pulled a new women home every single night! Even I am amazed with the results from Tinder!

I have never been a fan of online dating until I discovered Tinder. Tinder is amazing, I am getting 15-20 matches an hour on autopilot and get a date anytime I want without lifting a finger. All these women are super-hot, young, with face and bodies of a Goddess! This is amazing!

I was teaching my instructor training program client in Mexico. We decided to test meeting women on Tinder during day and bring them out at night since there were not many beautiful women out at night in Playa Del Carmen right now.

Btw, I never experiment strategies in my normal sessions. But instructor training programs are different. Learning to experiment, testing new ways to meet women, and even failing are part of the lessons that instructors need to learn. So be assured that when you train with me or my instructors we will never experiment on your time and money.

I was unsure if Tinder will work but I was shocked that we were able to get 15-20 matches an hour – wow. Majority of these women were banging hot – straight out of fashion magazines – and they eagerly came out for a date.

Once out on a date we used TEASE strategies from Attraction Bible to arouse them and take them home. This instructor training client of mine pulled a new super-hot woman home each of the 4 nights we went out!

However, we had to make our Tinder work to reach this stage. It did not happen automatically. So I am going to tell you all the steps we took to make our Tinder work.

I am going to show results from my Tinder account for this lesson because obviously I do not want to share the details of my client. The Tinder tips you will discover here are exactly the same we used for my account and he got exactly the same mind blowing results.

We then used TEASE at the dates to seduce and take women home. At the end of this lesson, I will talk about the moves he made to take his Tinder dates home every single night.

Step 1 Tinder Profile Photo: Your Tinder profile photo are responsible to get 99% of likes. So your profile photo needs to be top most. This is what will make women swipe right or at least look at more pictures. You should spend 90% of your energy on testing photos until you find one that women are drooling over.

I found that photos with a bit of a fashion in them got a higher response from attractive women. I guess this is because women like fashion so they appreciate men with good fashion.

Another thing I found that photos in which you had modern look got better response. I guess this is because modern looks makes you look younger.

But here is the main takeaway: try looks that are completely different. Most of us try different photos with similar looks. So we continue to get similar results.

Try photos where you look completely different. When you have a photo women are liking left and right, you can use it or create more versions of it because now you have found the look women on Tinder cannot resist.

Here is an example from the images I used for my Tinder profile. These photos were taken 3 weeks apart but they look completely different. I started with the clean look. I was getting maybe 2-3 likes a day with this photo.

I then switched it with one in beard and vest, I started getting 15-25 likes an hour – that was massively different. So test looks this different until you find one that works.

I did the same for my client and he is also getting consistent 15-25 likes every hour from extremely attractive women.

Magic's Tinder Profile Photo
Magic's Tinder Photo

Step 2: Tinder Additional Photos: For this I found that using action photos work great. What works even better and get even more women to like your profile is using action photos from the area you are staying in.

Initially I had action photos of me taking photos and hanging out with friends and women in different places. They were ok but did not get me great women.

I replaced them with me doing free dive and taking night photos in exotic location. My likes supercharged. I am assuming this is because when women see you do activities in the same area as them they feel they can join you and do activities with you. Most women have super boring and dull life. Majority of their fun Insta photos are fake and we all know that. So when they see a guy living a great life they want to join him. This makes it sure easy to bring them out on a date with you.

Here are the sample photos I used for this section:

Magic's Tinder Photo
Magic's Tinder Photo
Magic's Tinder Photo
Magic's Tinder Photo
Magic's Tinder Photo
Magic's Tinder Photo
You will create all the attraction you need to make super-hot women like you and come out for a date using your profile and additional photos. All other steps are to get these women on a date and take them home.

Step 3: Best Age For Tinder Profile: I found that the best age to display on your Tinder profile was between 24-33. This age range attracted young, extremely beautiful, and women who were eager to date. Every man who saw us with these women were jealous of us. That is how beautiful these women were.

I found that even the Tinder AI showed you different women based on your age.

What I found is that when I tried over the age of 33, I was finding older women. There were some stunning women who would give an 18 years old run for their money. The problem was that most of these women were not into socializing. They were desperately looking for a husband or a long term partner. They only wanted to come out if they saw a long term partner in you.

This meant you had to create attraction and connection via texting to bring them out a date. These women prefer to sit alone at home then go out and take a chance. This was too much work for me.

When I lowered my age to 33 the results were opposite. Women I met were social. They wanted to go out and meet. They did have the same pressure to find the love of their life. They were more interested in doing something fun. So meeting them, dating them, and taking them home for sex was effortless.

And if you are wondering, when they found my age was different than the profile, it had no impact because they were having a good time with me, feeling a connection, and getting aroused.

Step 4: Verification: Getting verification on Tinder is easy. You just take a photo of you by posing how they tell you. If the pose matches they approve you. You can look completely different it does not matter. If you do not pose how they ask it can take up to 24 hours to get verified because someone then looks into your account.

Verification had no impact on likes and matches but it did help with getting dates. Women knew that the photos were real and so it made it easy for them to trust you and come out for a date.

Step 5: Tinder Messaging: This was one area where I had to do some work.

Women want to text endlessly until they experience a connection with you. This was taking a lot of time and energy.

The more we talked the lesser the chances were to get her to come on a date. This is because there was no eye contact, physical presence, touching, or in person flirting. In short the TEASE was missing. She got to know you via texts but had no romantic feeling and therefore she did not want to come out to meet you.

So I changed the strategy. I wrote on my profile intro:
“I am not into texting so the only text you will get from me is to make plans to meet”.

This changed everything. Now, I was only getting messages from women who wanted to meet up right away. I would say hello and ask them to meet me right away. I would say something like:

“I am walking in this area if you want join or I am going to eat here or dink here if you want to join?”

This was enough to get these new Tinder matches to come out for a date.

I also tested saying I have a friend with me so you are also welcome to bring friends with you and this also had no negative impact.

Now, I was getting a lot of likes and getting super-fast dates with these extremely beautiful women. This is still unreal and unbelievable to me.


Step 6: Tinder Profile Text: This is another thing that helped me weed out women who were time wasters.

Initially, A lot of women I matched were getting nervous right before the date. They would send messages asking how long we were going to stay out etc. They were all concerned that there would be pressure to have sex.

I would obviously handle these objections but was becoming a lot of work.

So I changed my profile text and made it even easier for women to come out to meet me:

“I am here to meet people and socialize. I have no expectations and am not looking for date or sex. Just want to meet people and make new friends. I am not into texting so the only text you will get from me is to make plans to meet.”

This took all the pressure off and women were comfortable coming out. If you have studied Attraction Bible or taken a workshop with me, you know it does not matter under what context a woman meets you. Once you arouse her with TEASE moves all she wants to do is go to bed with you. She forgets that she wanted to be “just friends”, instead she can’t wait for you to become her lover. So no need to say you are looking for a date. Make it easy for her to meet you so you can seduce her and arouse her in person.

Now with good photos, good intro, and verified photos I was getting dates on autopilot.

Tinder Match
Tinder Match
Tinder Match
Tinder Match
Tinder Match
Tinder Match

Step 7: Date And Sex From Tinder: How My Client Slept With A Woman Every Night:

We already solved the hardest problem with our profile which was to meet and bring hot women out on a date. All we had to do now was to arouse these hot women and take them home for sex. This was the easiest part. When a woman is hanging out with you, there is no way she won’t have sex with you, if you use the right moves. At this point it is automatic and guaranteed.

Getting back to my client, I taught him seduction moves from TEASE during the day session. He now had to practice the on women he meets at night.

So now he was making extended eye contact with women he met, he was sitting next to them, he was whispering in their ear, he was touching them, playing with their jewelry, and touching them. This started arousing women.

When they were attracted to him and started responding to his flirting he would take things to the next level. He would then talk sex, talk about their bra and panties, talk about seeing them naked, and every other topic that lead to sex or was sexual in nature. This created a sexual chemistry with women he was talking to.

Then at some point we would go for the kiss saying he was not looking to meet a women but she is unique. He would accuse them of using witchcraft or love potions to seduce him and then went for the kiss saying if there is any woman who used witchcraft on him, he is glad it was her and slowly leaned in for the kiss.

He would then continue to escalate sexually while accusing her that she is responsible for everything and that he had no intention of meeting a woman and she has become irresistible with her charms. The combination of his words, touching, kissing her, putting his arms around her waist and rubbing her things while also making out heavily was more than enough for each of these women to go home with him. You can just look at the way they were talking, kissing back, and behaving that they wanted sex right then and there. They could not hold back anymore so taking them him for sex was easy.

Using these strategies, he took a new women home every day during our 4 day session of the instructor training workshop.

This was amazing!

I have become a fan of Tinder now.

This is why I wrote this post. If you use above strategies, you will be able to meet and date some of the hottest women on this planet. I am talking women so hot – every man wants to be with them but only a few can have them. You will take them home effortlessly and every single time when you use the TEASE strategies to arouse them. It cannot get easier than this to date and sleep with hot women.

If you are not already using Tinder along with Attraction Bible Tactics, I highly recommend you start using them to meet and seduce women.

Hope this helps!




P.S. If you have not already, I highly recommend getting Attraction Bible. Trust me the seductions skills in this course are super effective. Unlike other course this one focuses on arousing a woman and having fast sex.

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