dannyThere have been a couple of times I have been out with some friends of mine and we would see a very sexy girl, but she is out with her mom. One of them I specifically remember. She was exactly the kind of woman I wanted in my life.

I kept thinking how fantastic it would be if I could date this woman. I even imagined having lunch with her one afternoon joined by her mum.
But had no idea what to do…

The more I thought about it the more I felt at a loss.

Here was the woman of my dream sitting in front of me and there is nothing I can do to make her mine.

This was a horrible feeling.

I kept thinking she would be very uncomfortable if I approached her in front of her mother. I kept thinking her mother would raise an objection and I will have to face major embarrassment.

This becomes an issue for a lot of men.

Even a good friend of mine who usually has no problem approaching and meeting women will start to make excuses as to why he does not want to approach her even though he is clearly attracted to her.

This all changed for me when I discovered Magic.

I read stories about him sleeping with mother and daughter. I read reviews on clients making out with two sisters and getting help from mothers to date their daughters.

Honestly this was hard to believe at first. It was too much to digest.

Usually when we are faced with a challenging truth that reminds us of our shortcomings we either discredit, disagree or get inspired by it. Then we either move on or take action to make it happen for us.

I am one of those few lucky men who instead of discrediting Magic decided to learn from him.

The journey was not easy because I had to face too many cold harsh facts about my shortcomings that lead to fixing my dating life. But I am so glad I did that.

shutterstock_107491781The result of this action is that now I sleep with multiple attractive women of my choice. I have slept with actors, bartenders, colleagues and my female friends. Now when I see a woman I do not make excuses but have a plan to approach her and make her mine in whatever capacity I desire.

And I certainly hope that most men will follow my footsteps and take control of their dating life. There is no better feeling than to know that you can control who you want to be with and feel confidence in your ability to be with women of your choice.

This all came to me because recently when I was out there was a mom and daughter having drinks, when I approached and started a conversation with them just like with anybody else.

I engaged both of them equally, and complimented the mom just like I would compliment a female friend of the woman I like.  I told her she must have been so young when she had her. I could tell she liked how I made her feel with my compliment – what woman does not want to feel great about themselves.

I see many men make this mistake. They usually ignore the older or less attractive woman. As a result they get punished.

This was a very imp lesson I learnt from Magic. Always pay attention to the friend, especially if they are older or less good looking. If you win them over you will win the woman.

I use this tip every time I go out. This is why I knew that her mum would be an asset to me once I can make her feel the way no other man does.

As we were talking I let them know I thought it was really cool that they had a strong bond between them. I did not try to separate them.

I later teased them both about being out looking for men.  The idea was to break them from the boring routine conversation. I wanted to lead them into talking like they were young wild women who had no restrictions or boundaries. Traditionally a mother should protect her daughter my job is to lead them out of this role and position them where it is natural for the mother to help me.

The result: I  noticed her mom gave her a look of approval a couple of times, she even started bragging about her daughter to me. Her mom was actually helping me every step of the way.

The mom told her daughter she was going to go for a walk and gave us some alone time. She was not only completely comfortable with me flirting with her sweet girl but encouraged her daughter to kiss me.

No amount of wealth and success can buy you the happiness that measures to a mother handing her daughter to you.

The secret to having this success is to learn from Magic and let him guide you to success. The great thing about Attraction Method’s material is that there is no material. Everything is natural.

It is all about learning what works on women and what you need to do to have the same effect on women like Magic and I have.

Magic works on adjusting your personality, behavior and style of conversation around women. He teaches you the mindset you need to get women. He clears the confusion as to what you need to do to get women and how women wanted to be courted by you.

One session from magic and you will know exactly how to be that man who takes women home night after night. I am doing this everyday and I know other clients who live this reality so no reason you can’t be there. All you need to do is follow his advice and soon you will be writing stories like me.

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Best Wishes!