Most men assume that bars are a great resource to meet women for dating, casual sex or having One-Night-Stands. This is not True!

Bars are the hardest place to meet women in fact they are the worst place to meet women.

You have No control on what kind of woman you will meet at a bar. If you like a certain type of women, a health conscious woman for example, you are better of going to a yoga center, health club or Whole Foods. In short you need to go to venue where your type if women aggregate.

Bars have negative connotation attached to them. This makes women feel guarded and they suspect every man to make a drunken attempt to have a One-Night-Stand. This makes it harder to connect with women in a bar. You still can – We do it weekend after weekend in our workshops and I have hundreds of testimonies from clients who have succeeded in dating women they met at a bar or find female partners for casual sex and One-Night-Stand.

Why take the hard route of going to bars night after night to meet women when high quality attractive women usually surround you in your everyday life. Hint: women you work with, your female friends, the barista at the coffee shop, female server at the restaurant you dine and the store clerk in the shopping mall are all great women that you should bring into your life and establish romantic connections.

Often men have bad memories from dating women from their friend circle or work place this motivates them to go to bars to meet women.

Some men do not have access to good-looking women at work or in friend circle so they go to bars in the hopes of meeting attractive women.

And finally there is a group of men who has been sold to the false notion that it is easier to meet women at bars for casual sex and One-Night-Stand.

All of this is a BIG MISTAKE!

80% of women I dated or slept with were from my Social Circle. I have had multiple threesomes and had sex with record 6 women at the same time all because of my Social Circle.

Almost every natural meets women naturally because it is the easiest and most effective way of meeting women.

There is a reason why most magazines and dating advice column suggest becoming friends first and then progress to dating.

In the modern time most men believe that it is impossible to get out of friend zone.

Many dating coaches advocate that you should avoid becoming friends with women because there is no cure to upgrading your friendship into sexual relationship.

This is the biggest baloney I have ever heard.

There is no hope for you in the dating world if you cannot turn your female friend into your lover – the easiest thing to do.

When you are friend with a woman there is already trust and comfort between the two of you. All you have to do is to generate attraction and plant sexual desire in her for you.

This is where most men drop the ball.

Most men treat women like little sister. They become too protective of them as opposed to treating them like women.

The key is to make use of attraction tools during the time you spend with the woman to make her want to be with you. Use eye contact, touching, tonality and social dynamics to establish this.

Here is an example: I used to work at this office. There was a cute woman that every one wanted to sleep with. Every man including my boss was trying desperately to hit on her. I used the social dynamics to my advantage and flirted with every woman around her but never with her. This made her jealous and she is the one who made all the effort to pull me home.

Another example: One time I went to a bar with my female friend. I was very frisky with her and this made other women notice me. When other women found out that she was just a friend they went out of their way to be with me because they saw this woman so into me.

Another example: I used to go to my neighborhood bar and there used to be a cute bartender there. She saw me come in with a new female friend night after night. She saw me as a man popular with women and this made her want to be with me. She asked me out in front of my friends. This happens to me all the time. Another example: Nicole from acting class.

Men spend most time in approaching women in bars and streets when they should be focused on building lifestyles that delivers women to them.

The key is to identify the kind of women you desire and build a lifestyle to include them.

Then all you have to do is bring them into your life and turn them on.

This system is fool proof and can deliver amazing mind boggling results.

No longer do you have to make an attempt to build your value. No longer do you need stories or routines to stand out. You get noticed, you stand apart and you make a woman want you as a result of choices you make around her in your social circle.

It does not get any easier than this. You no longer are a stranger but the man who is already on her radar.

Women have limited choices with men. They do not go to bars and parties every night. So the most attractive man to them is the man who is already in her life in some form.

And this is what you need to do.

You need to build your life so you are always the special guy in the eyes of attractive women you would like to date.

And you do this on autopilot.

I have developed a system around this strategy where I teach you how to meet attractive women of your choice on regular basis, bring them into your life and turn them into your lovers.

It includes shaping your personality, lifestyle and mindset so you are making new connections with women everyday and spending time with them on regular basis. It is pretty much redesigning your life and finally be able to live a life full of women. Once you master this lifestyle meeting women and dating the type of woman you desire will become effortless and will happen non-stop until the day you live. You can get this amazing program here: