Last weekend I held a 1 on 1 session with a student who flew to Los Angeles for his first 3 days of training. He was probably among the top 5 hardest cases I’ve dealt with. He was very normal and financially successful but he had very ineffective social skills and a bad vibe.

The very first night I took him out, he was getting blown out of every set.

No woman wanted to talk to him.

They were turning their backs at him right away and even laughing at him. This was all because of his poor body language, tonality, fashion, animation and general lack of confidence. His interactions were so bad that I was compelled to cancel the infield session and turn it into a classroom session.

We went back to my hotel room and worked on his T.E.A.S.E. (Tonality, Eye Contact, Animation, Sexual Escalation and Energy) The next morning I made an exception and started the session at 9 am instead of 2pm. Since it was a 1 on 1 training, I’m able to take huge liberties with our schedule so I can get the job done by our deadline.

We had lots to work on.

We started by getting him some kick ass fashion. Moving back to the classroom session we continued to work on T.E.A.S.E in addition to inner game and kino. We worked on his conversation skills and went out later in the night.

That night he was getting lots of social value from women. He was wearing really cool clothes which made him come across as a real man and confident. When in set, women were getting playful with him. INSTEAD of continuing and getting playful he would EJECT from the set when a woman would start teasing/flirting with him. Go figure…

He kept making excuses that he was nervous and did not know what to do. I finally confronted him and explained to him what was going on. He finally admitted and was shocked that I could see through his surface “concerns”. He wondered how I could actually get in his brain and read his thoughts.


I have been there and I have done that a million times. There is a reason I am in this industry and there is a reason why my students are getting success like crazy. Seeing what makes you tick and fixing your issues by getting into your brain is where my talent truly lies.

This is what you pay me for. This is what makes me stands me out. I know how to turn you into a perfect 10 so you can reach whatever goals you have with women.

What was happening with him was that his interactions were CONTROLLED BY PAST EXPERIENCES. He didn’t have much success with women in the past. I assume that in the past his sets usually ended soon and women did not want to talk to him for long at all. When he approached women during our 1 on 1 coaching session he kept looking for signs to eject.

It makes no sense to the casual observer, and most times the issues that really hold us back rarely are “logical” to anyone else.

He was convinced that women would not want to be with him because they never were into him in the past. He kept getting rejected in the past and was waiting for it to happen now. This is why every time a woman got playful with him he saw it as rejection or a sign of disinterest. Instead of pushing through he saved his face and walked away to avoid another PAINFUL rejection. He even took a compliment as rejection thinking the woman was being sarcastic.

The minute I addressed this for him his interaction with women changed.

Here is an email he just sent me:

My last night in Cali I went back to my old neighborhood in long beach from when I was a kid. While I was walking through the neighborhood I started talking to this guy I walked by. He was telling me about a few bars down the street and we ended up going that night.

While I was there I was talking to a bunch of people and had like 15 to 20 min conversations (including a lot of kino) with these girls who were funkin 10’s!

Last week they probably wouldn’t have given me the time of day, and that night they found me to give me hugs before they left! That has never happened before and this is just the beginning! (I had to attach a few pics)

Thank you

Here are some censored images of him and the type of women he was with: Image 1, Image 2

I have a video testimony from him which I will share with you in few weeks.

Now I know his success does not seem much compared to other testimonies on my site of guys having threesomes, one night stands and multiple women within weeks of training. But he actually made a massive admirable leap for himself.

When I met him he had very few friends in his social circle and didn’t know how to expand his circle. Now he is making friends with other guys on the street and going to bars with them to pick up women. He was getting rejected by women and he also felt shitty about himself. Now he is confident and women are enjoying his company.

He finally has value in the eyes of women without using routines or gimmicks. This is all with just three days of training. Wait till he finishes the remaining two group workshops that he gets to attend as part of my 1 on 1 training package.

Most men out there have some limiting belief that prevents them from taking the next step. I have seen guys not touching women, not asking a woman on a date, not going for the kiss or not pulling a woman home for sex because it has never happened to them before or because it did not work for them in the past.

Part of my job is to show you how to do it right, so things that have not worked for you in the past, now WORK. It is also my job to spot your limiting beliefs and turn them around so you can confidently approach and date hot women.

Look man, I know how to get you success you just have to allow me to do it. Sign up for live training and let me help you to get to speed. Let me help you build the right habits and belief system to succeed with women.

Read and do the exercises in the Social Mastery book. See how this book and the exercises there will alter your perspective on dating and give you the needed boost to seduce women.

Send me an email or give me a call and let’s schedule a free phone consultation.

There is no pressure to take a session with me at all. On this phone session we will get to know each other and you can benefit with tailored dating advice that you can use straight away.

This will also be a test to see if I really can help you or if I am just another guy talking shit in a newsletter…

Good Luck!