Arouse With Words – Magnetic Conversations Part 1

In this video (MUST WATCH), I will teach you my master conversation tactics to connect with any woman, make her feel in love, and experience a great connection with you that leads to intimacy and a relationship.

I will record this video in two parts. I will discuss creating a connection in the first part.

I will teach you how to seduce and arouse, so a woman goes home with you in the second part.

You will be able to create a lasting bond with any woman you interact with once you master this blueprint

I have used this formula for years to seduce women within minutes of meeting them.

I spend a lot of time teaching this to my clients.

As a result, their game skyrockets overnight.

You will never run out of conversation topics once you learn this tactic. There are no lines or routines to memorize.

You will feel good because you are speaking the truth.

And the best part, you can use this tactic anywhere you meet women.

I can go on and on but enough build-up, let’s get to the lesson.

How I connect with women:

couple flirting in kitchen

I have a simple seduction strategy.

I generate an intellectual connection by demonstrating value and making her feel good with conversation.

I use TEASE at the same time to generate romantic attraction.

The combination of these two elements makes her like, trust, feel amazing, get aroused, and go to bed with me.

We will not cover TEASE moves in this video.

You already know them.

There are a lot of other videos discussing the TEASE, and then there is the Attraction Bible Course.

We will limit this video to the conversation.

Tactic Building Block:

couple kissing

I want every woman to know and like me for who I am.

Similarly, I want to connect with women who match my value system.

I list traits, stories, values, and events from my life that are important to me.

The list includes good and bad stuff.

This way, I can talk about things from my life and never run out of topics.

You may think you do not have anything nice in your life, but you do.

I have never met a guy who did not have a captivating story and traits, even though they did not see it until I pointed it out to them.

Soon I will demonstrate an example. It will make sense.

When I meet women, I only talk to them about things from my life.

This way, they get to know the real me.

They can trust me.

And the connection we form is based on truth.

It helps on infinite levels.

I can write a book on why it is better to talk about things from your life than talking cool shit, lines, or routines.

And as I go through the example, some of the reasons will become obvious.

So when it comes to me, I think of major life themes, values, events, and memories from my life.

Here is a sample list:
Grand Ego,
No college Degree,
Avid Traveler,
I come from a dysfunctional family,
Believe n God,
Feel lucky,
Few guy friends and more female friends,
Love whiskey,
Want to be silly and never serious,
Want to help people,
Happy by myself,
No drama, passion,
Love women,
Love sex,
Enjoy the beauty,
I love to spend the evening listening to music,
Enjoying my space,
Maybe cooking with friends or a beautiful woman,
Want to marry, grew up with mother and sister.

The list keeps going on, but you get the sense.

I then think about the values I want to communicate when talking about this.

For example, I want to come across as cool, non-judgemental, smart, passionate, loyal, caring, fearless, happy, love to love his life, romantic, sexual, etc.

I use this list to demonstrate value and make a woman feel great.

When a woman tells me what she does for a living, I do not just reply with a cool.

Every guy does this.

This response does not help in any way.

Instead, I will respond by detailing why it is cool to do what she does and demonstrate value.

If she says she is a nurse, I will say this is great.

It takes a special kind of person to do that.

I used to work as a counselor for a state criminal division and ended up in therapy myself.

There are too many people suffering, and I am too much of a wimp to help them. It impacts me.

(This does not make me appear weak. It shows I am sensitive and caring. Women appreciate this in men.)

I continue:

couple in jacuzzi

I discovered I am more of a pleasure seeker.

I prefer traveling the world.

I have my own online business. It allows me to travel 6-7 months a year, pack my bags and leave when I want.

Be in a different country to meet locals, go camping in a nice place, and take photos – I am a photographer.

So yeah, I can only do fun and easy things, but I greatly appreciate what you do.

I could have replaced my answer with anything from my list.

Instead of saying I am the opposite, I could have revealed compatibility by saying I worked in counseling. I am a dating and business coach because I like to help people too. Helping is such a rewarding line of work.

And by the way, I would have said this to her, but a little later in the conversation.

I would have started by showing the light sides of me.

It makes me cool.

By saying I am the opposite, I am not trying to impress or win her – even though that is what is happening.

Later, I tell her that now that I am comfortable with her.

I will tell her I want to help people but do not like to admit it.

It shows I am down to earth and also reveals some vulnerability.

It reveals another layer later in the conversation.

So you see, my entire communication is about exchanging values from our lives.

It creates mutual respect and liking for one another.

At the same time, we are romancing with eye contact, touch, and energy using TEASE.

Now we have a complete attraction that leads to something.

I do not just talk about things that make me look good.

I even talk about mistakes I have made, my vulnerabilities, and challenges in life.

I can talk about having a painful past and I am making up for it by enjoying every minute of my life.

This style of conversation gave her an insight into who I am.

It opens her up, and she starts contributing too.

I do not force any topic.

I say whatever comes naturally.

Because I know topics that are important to me, and how to inject them into the conversation and build mutual value, I can talk about anything to any woman, at any place.

And I can create a connection, no matter the topic.

Think how different, engaging, and intimate this is compared to conversations most men have.

And think how easy it is because you are talking about things from your life.


Step -1

Make a list of dominant traits, themes, goals, motivations, and even fuck ups from your life.

Step -2

couple in a car

Turn them into conversation pieces that demonstrate value without appearing bragging or showing off.

Use the same theme to make her feel good about herself.

Just be sure your conversation pieces do not involve violence, wealth, or stuff that creeps women out unless the woman is into it.

For example, if you are in IT, you can use it to relate to her passion while building value for yourself.

For example, say: I can tell you are a passionate person from your field of work.

I am the same way.

I am passionate about what I do.

I used to code on a calculator when I was young because I could not afford a computer.

Or I got promoted within 6-months of joining to lead my team because of my passion for the project.

I think passionate people are good at what they do and also great friends/lovers/or people to be around.

So, I admire that quality in you.

You can easily say this to a woman you met at a bar or work.

Step -3

Make a list of questions and conversation topics.

It will help you in the initial stages of your journey.

You will never run out of topics.

You will have a question, story, compliment, or conversation piece ready.

You will master the tactic and the principle behind it once you do it a few times.

You will then be able to talk on the go and create instant connections with any woman you meet.

Step - 4

Practice this in your conversation and improvise.

You can practice a style of conversation with your guy friends, coaches, coworkers, or anyone else you talk to.

There is nothing creepy or sexual.

It is a way to make people feel good and shine in the process.

Some of them will not land right, or the tonality will be off.

Keep catching mistakes and improve.

In no time, you will master magnetic conversations.

Feel free to write your content in the comment box if you need help and I will help you improve them.

With that, start on this tactic right away, and in the next video, I will share how I build and use seduction content.


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Until Next Time!

Magic Leone

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Thanks keep up the amazing work and fresh perspective on the game.

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Your work helped me develop a sense of self-worth that I didn’t even know I was missing. Thank you for that.
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I want to thank you. You’re DVDs changed my life, and it is still on going.
I live in Korea, and it still works here.

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We made a short phone call(She called me to ask if I was back home well.) than slept.

Will update you soon!

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