I bet we all know students of pick up who are still struggling to succeed with women. I personally know few guys who have spent over $20,000 in workshops and products but have yet to see any significant progress.

Pick up tricks usually works only for men who are socially well calibrated and need a little magic to seduce women. Guys who are shy, insecure and lack confidence rarely make it past approaching women. This is because many pick up Gurus were never extremely shy or nervous personalities. Most of these guys were quite social and needed simple corrections to start getting results with women.

Most of these gurus have figured out angles that gets them women. Then they reverse engineer it and hope that what worked for them will work for all of their students. This is why they teach one size fits all program as opposed to calibrating their teachings to unique individuals.

In the process they end up passing bad habits and techniques which are detrimental to your success with women. Below are the three most common habits that are stopping you from making improvements:

  1. Negs: Negs are backhanded compliments or sweet insults thrown at beautiful women to get their attention. On the surface they sound like teasing but are significantly different from teasing. Teasing is any statement which is obviously false but merely used to poke fun whereas A Neg is a statement that can be true.Neg’s were created with the assumption that hot women get approached all the time. The creator wanted to bring the value of beautiful women down using Negs so they will notice the guy.There are many problems with this. First hot women do not get approached at all. Every time I give a seminar I ask my students to raise hands if they approach really hot women. I have never had more than 1 hand go up in the group of 50 people.I have dated many women who were glamour models and they all told me that men never approach them. They all wished to be approached. These women instantly notice men upon approach. Good looking women are also the nicest to talk to because they have too many nice things going in their life.If we assume that the argument behind Neg is true, you are hurting yourself in few ways. First you are telling yourself that you are not good enough for a woman. If you truly are not good enough you can get better and eventually become the best. I have many living examples of this including myself. If you do not want to improve and simply get laid why waste your time here. Go and get yourself a hooker.What happens if you manage to bring this woman’s value down and get into relationship with you? Are you going to start every single day with a Neg so she continues to like you?Stay away from using Negs. They hurt your success. Pay attention to why women reject you at the opening. Is it your fashion, smell, body language tonality or all of the above? Then fix it so this is resolved for life. I can continue to dwell on this but you get the point.
  2. Too Much Game: This is another classic mistake I see students make. Often students are more focused on implementing every technique, strategy and routine to get the girl. They are focused on implementing the techniques known to generate attraction. They never stop to evaluate how women feel about them. The woman might already be attracted but they will continue to deliver content to generate attraction. These men will continue to tease women and throw hoops when the woman is already showing interest. This miss calibration often leads to women losing attraction. Learn to read signals women give then tailor your approach how women are feeling at the time with you.
  3. Incorrect Body Language: So many times men kill attraction and miss calibrate because of posturing. For example very often men will pull their shoulders back and lift their chest up to present dominant self. They do this because they have been told that this body language makes them attractive in the eyes of women. This is true in the early stages of conversation but hurts in later phases. Women sub communicate attraction by preening their hair or touching their breasts. Men sub communicate attraction by rolling their shoulders in. If you fail to do this women will never know you are attracted to them. Any attraction they had for you will soon die because they will realize that the interaction was one sided.

I recommend that you steer clear of these 3 bad habits. Work to become more confident as opposed to pretending to become one. It does not take long for this to happen. We do this every weekend to our students. Why do you think so many of our students end up sleeping with women within one week of personal coaching?

Read the first three chapters from the book “From Approaching To Sex in Under 30 Minutes”. Do the exercises at the end of these chapters and see how you instantly transform into a more confident person. Then learn the techniques to attract women and how to read their body language. Using the information from this book you will be sleeping with beautiful women in no time.

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