I got this email from a client who lives in Korea. The answer to his email demands extensive response so I will divide it into two parts:


This is what he said in the email:

Hi, Magic.

I have to ask.

First of all, I want to thank you. You’re book and couple of DVDs changed my life, and it is still on going.

I live in Korea, and it still works here.

Anyway, since I’ve been practicing wih your book and stuff, I had succeeded with the 10s. Not even 9s, not 9.5s but 10s. Friends are amused of what I’ve done and doing.

I have so much to say, but let’s keep it later because I really have a question to ask you.

Recently I met this ’10’ girl, who is an actress. Of course she is beautiful, and I wanted to know her better as I met her again and again so we’ve been dating for about a month.

It was about our 3rd or 4th date. We drank alot but not as much as to puke and black out, then we went to karaoke. And there we ended up making out, and I didn’t go any further than that. After that I walked her home, and said goodbye.

I was happy that we are going to be in a relationship.

We made a short phone call(She called me to ask if I was back home well.) than slept.

Next morning I called her and she said she dosen’t remember anythig what happend in Karaoke, since she was too drunk.

Of course she’s lying to me or to herself.

It feels like I’ve done the ‘buyer’s remorse’ thing which is an example in ‘the mystery method’ book.

After that day, she still replies to my text, but never send one first.

She still catch my phone calls, but I sense it is not like it was before.

We met one more time after that, we had a nice time watching movie and wento grab something to eat.

So.. Here’s my question.

What should I do to make things go on in this situation?

Should I look for another girl?

Should I keep conact and meet her but do nothing sexual?

Should I tell her that I like her and want to know her better?

I hope that I can go back to the day we made out, and fix it by just light kissing her.

I really need your help.

If I need to pay for private mentoring, I will so please let me know.

Thank you Magic. For changing my life.

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the email!

I am guessing you are talking about the T.E.A.S.E videos that come with the Social Mastery Home Study Course.

Yes, those videos are life changing. The information in those videos has revolutionized my dating life and the dating life of hundreds of other men!

Glad to hear you benefitted from it as well!

The information in those videos will work anywhere in the world including Korea. This is because I do not teach any system, routine technique specific to a particular culture.

I teach the basic elements of seduction that generate attraction.

Unlike other systems and techniques, my methodology is to transform you into a sexually desirable man. Once that happens dating women is a piece of cake.

I want to congratulate you for living the dream life surrounded by beautiful women. And, congratulations for dating this actress, I am sure she is very beautiful as well!

I am going to offer you a solution based on the little information I have deduced from your email. There are several missing pieces that I need before I can give you a concrete advice but I will do my best with what I have.

I feel you have avoided getting sexual with this woman. You probably did this because you felt strong attraction for her. Maybe you wanted to prove her that you want more than sex.

No matter what the reason, you failed to get sexual early on.

I know this is counter intuitive to most men but in order to dominate a woman, in the dating and relationship scene, you have to get sexual fast.

I know most of us do not touch women or get sexual early on, because we want to avoid disrespecting women.


This is the biggest myth that most men are victims of.

There is no bigger compliment than letting a woman know that you find her sexually attractive. You could have been with any other woman but you chose to be with her.

Men who are sexually aggressive sub-communicate strong inner confidence and belief system.

They radiate the belief system that they are sexy and desirable by women.

This is very attractive to women.

Workshop after workshop I hear success stories from clients who are using my sexual techniques to sleep with beautiful women.

Now before you start groping women and offend them let me explain you what I mean by sexually dominant behavior.

A sexually dominant man believes he is a catch and a prize. When he sees a woman he is attracted to, he makes the move.

He starts touching her right away but in a calibrated fashion. He goes for the kiss because it is only the right thing to do.

He gets sexual not to get lucky but to enjoy the moment with the woman he is attracted to.

He understands and believes that the woman is going to enjoy him just as he is going to enjoy her.


This is the hardest part for men to comprehend. 

Most men equate attraction with looks.

Because men are attracted to looks they assume that women also get aroused by good looking men.

It is not the looks but sexual dominance that makes a woman experience attraction for a man.

Women get pleasure from the experience of being seduced and feeling powerless.

Women get turned on with that special touch to their arm, face or hair. There are studies after studies to back this up.

If you keep acting nice around this woman and avoid getting sexual, she will notice your insecurity with sex.

Women want the experience to be swept off their feet. You should have given her the gift of sex sooner.

You should have kissed and brought her to bed sooner not because you wanted to get laid. You should have brought her to bed because you wanted to make love to her over any other women you could have met that night.

What woman will not be flattered by this approach?

This is all there in the Social Mastery Home Study Course. Just watch the videos again and do the exercises from the book.

If you do not already have this system then get your hands on the Social Mastery Home Study Course right away. You will be glad you did!

If you were in US or Europe, I would have definitely encouraged you to sign up for a workshop so you could learn to seduce women the right way.

I could have then worked infield with you to master the steps of seduction. I would have eliminated any sticking point that are preventing you from getting massive success with women.

For now sign up for a phone consult by clicking here. We can then discuss a definite strategy for you to succeed with this woman.

You can also send me an email by clicking here if you want to find out what a workshop can do for you.

Hope this information helps and I will talk to you soon!

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