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5-Step day game strategy to meet and take women home for a same-day lay.

You can use this strategy to meet women on the street, inside grocery stores, shopping malls, coffee shops, and anywhere else.

And at the end of the video, I will tell you my new favorite venue to meet women these days during the day for same-day lay and even if you are looking to meet a high-quality woman for a relationship.

First, I want to make this clear. This video is not about practicing approaching women or collecting phone numbers.

I only approach women to take them home, sleep with them, and start a relationship.

So I will share the strategy I use and teach my clients.

So with that, let’s get started.

Day Game Step 1: Plan Day Game Venue

couple talking on the street

My goal is to meet women and take them home.

So I must meet women who have time to go home with me. A woman on her way to work isn’t going to ditch her job and go home with me.

So if it’s midweek, I go to shopping malls outside of lunch hours.

Most women there would be free that day. Plus, I can flirt with floor models who often will go home with you after their shift.

I go to a beach. I go to exercise parks, yoga classes, tourist spots, and so on.

Day Game Step 2: Approach Women And Take Them On An Instant Date

I don’t just approach and talk to women randomly. I talk about things that lead to an instant date.

I need to take her on a date so I can seduce her, connect with her, and take her home.

For example, if I see a woman shopping inside a clothing store. I will approach and say I like her fashion. I would propose she dresses me up, and I dress her up. I say and do this in a fun spirit.

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Next, we leave for a different store when done here.

I propose to have a smoothie or grab a bite as we walk toward the next store.

Example 2

I ask floor models to take a break. They are allowed to take one every 3-4 hours.

I will discuss her life outside of work when she steps out.

I Tell her I am curious and desire to know more about her.

Then I ask what time her shift ends, so I meet her outside the store and go to the food court or some nice place in the town to continue the discussion.

Day Game Step 3: Create A Connection And Seduce Her

woman kissing man

When I sit down with her, I create a connection and generate sexual tension.

I sit next to or close to her instead of sitting on the other side.

Closeness generates sexual tension.

Also, this is how people close to her and her lovers sit. So the comfort level kicks in quickly.

I will then get to know her and use the information to let her know she is special.

At the same time, I use TEASE (Tonality, Eye Contact, Animation, Sexual Escalation, And Energy) to generate sexual tension.

I keep escalating based on her comfort level and participation.

I want her to feel comfortable, appreciated by me, and seduced at the same time.

Day Game Step 4: Set Grounds For Taking Her Home

Women hesitate to go home for sex the same day because they do not want to be judged.

So I steer the conversation to love and relationships.

I recount how my ex and I met and went to bed immediately.

I share my belief that you have to get sex out of the way to have an honest shot at the relationship. I feel people show their true selves after they have had sex. Until then, everyone behaves nicely because of sexual tension.

I can even talk about how I can only date women who enjoy sex and are sexually open-minded because I cannot spend my life with someone who is sexually incompatible.

These topics let her know that I value women who are sexually open-minded and won’t judge her for going home with me. On the contrary, I will respect her even more for going home with me.

Day Game Step 5: Take Her Home

Finally, I keep escalating sexually.

I keep telling her that I enjoy her company and want to spend more time with her.

At the same time, I escalate with kissing.

I will kiss her more passionately.

I will kiss her on the neck.

I might gently bite her lips or her ear lobes.

I will arouse her to the point of no return.

Then, at some point, I take her by the hands and say I can’t take this anymore.

I want her right now.

I then leave the venue with her.

This fast-paced seduction is new for many women. Some get uncomfortable with the speed of things.

I never convince them to go any further.

I let them know that I want to spend more time with them.

And if we do not go to my place, let’s go somewhere and spend the day together.

I sexually escalate until the woman gets comfortable and experiences a strong desire to get intimate.

Women have often suggested going home at this point.

A few even asked to get a hotel room nearby because they could not wait to go to my place.

I make sure to keep the sexual tension intact until we reach home, or else she may lose interest and turn around.

And this is it.

Day Game Bonus Venue:

As promised, here is my new favorite place to meet women for the day game.

Lately, I have been going to coworking spaces to work.

It started when I was traveling.

Coworking spaces are a gold mine to meet beautiful women and take them home.

Many women at coworking spaces are travelers wanting to meet locals and fellow travelers.

Some are freelancers or self-employed.

Most of them have a flexible schedule except the ones who have an appointment or meeting.

These women want to meet others, even if just for the sake of networking.

Most men at coworking spaces never approach them.

So the one who approaches women gets them effortlessly.

When I see a beautiful woman at a coworking space, I smile at her, introduce myself, and ask her what she does.

Sometimes I overhear her conversation and start by mentioning I overheard what she does.

I then propose to meet over tea or coffee break to hear about her work.

During the talk, I get all the information to set a date.

If she is a traveler, I will make plans to explore.

If she is a local, I suggest having a drink after work.

If you talk to her using my lessons and TEASE, she will feel attracted to you and agree to go out with you.

Once on a date, you know what to do.

If you have the option to work at a coworking space, do it.

There you go. You now have my 5-Step Day Game System To Meet Women And Take Them Home The Same Day.

It works great, so give it a shot.

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