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Your Approach To Women-The Quality Of Interaction And Ultimately The Outcome Is Determined Even Before You Make The Move!

Most men assume that if they continue to approach women sooner or later they will run into “THE ONE” who will say yes and everything will workout thereafter.

Sure this can happen but you might also quit your job and start buying lottery tickets if you are feeling that optimist.

When you approach a woman without knowing how to make that special first impression and connect instantly, you are just another guy trying to pursue her to be with you.

Most women find this very unattractive!

It does not fit their fantasy of ROMANTIC HERO…more than often women will make a small conversation then come up with a polite excuse and walk away.

STOP For A Minute And Read This Next Part…

You see most women desire to be swept by their feet.

They desire meeting a man who is kind of a challenge but definitely high value.

They want to meet a man who makes them experience strong emotions and desire for him.

Women do not rationalize their desire with logic.

They do not measure men against a checklist.

Women measure value in a man based on how they feel in his company.

This is BIG and has huge implications so you must understand and master the application of this principal.

Where Most Men Fail With Women And Why “NATURALS” Get Women…

Most men when act nervous and shy when they approach women.

They avoid making eye contact and hesitate to touch women.

Some try too hard to approach women with cheesy pickup lines and openers.

Most men are horrible at establishing a two-way interaction. I’d say 90% of men end up reciting a monologue to a woman hoping she will take the bait and start contributing.


Men who are natural with women, the ones who actually get women, behave completely opposite.

They are not afraid of women and this shows in their personality including strong body frame, extended eye contact, extended handshake and tonality.

They know how to intimidate women, in a nice way, with their presence.

They make it clear to the woman that they desire her for sexual relationship and are not ashamed of it.

They flirt with women on their terms so the woman never gets power in the relationship.

Their agenda is straight up: they are men and they seek beautiful women for sex because they can.

And this has an amazing effect on women.

Most Women Will Never Confess What They Really Want In A Man!

Most women are shy by nature.

They are too afraid to admit and reveal their dark and sexual side to anyone.

Most women desire a partner who can sexually and emotionally satisfy them above anything else.

But they choose to never discuss this in open to avoid getting labeled “Improper”.

They only open up to the man who demonstrates that he gets it and he is comfortable handling her.

Once a woman sees that the man she is talking to is sexually mature and capable of leading her she starts to behave differently.

She starts to display sides in her you never thought existed.

All of a sudden she becomes flirtatious and even borderline promiscuous.

And this is where you want women to be with your approach to desire strong attraction for you.

Hint: T.E.A.S.E. plays an important part in accomplishing this.

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Live Training And How You Can Benefit From It!

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Meeting women and generating attraction is an art form.

Every man has his unique personality, identity and traits that influence how a woman feels around him and ultimately influence the outcome whether he will get her or not.

In our workshop we help you understand the effect you have on women when you first meet them and what needs to be changed to cast a STRONG FIRST IMPRESSION and establish INSTANT CONNECTION with women.

We then teach you how to interact differently than most men, without using any lines and routines, and generate STRONG EMOTIONAL reactions from women using every day topics.

Ee help you master the elements that allow you to form a sexual connection with women.

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The idea behind every workshop is to help you get on the fast track without replacing your identity.

Once you reach this level connecting with women, establish STRONG BONDS and dating the one you like is as easy as counting 1.2.3.

If an ugly man like me with strong accent, missing teeth and receding hairline can succeed with women no reason you can’t.

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