DLV/Demonstration Of Lower ValueDemonstration of lower value is a concept invented by Pick Up Artist Mystery. According to him demonstration of lower value, or DLV is to do or say something that makes you less valuable in the eyes of women.

DLVs can also be something that communicates the opposite of a DHV. For example, if you communicate by words or action that you are a follower, not a leader of men then your words or actions are a Demonstration of Lower Value.

Or if you end up saying that you are a loser with women or that you have not dated any woman in a long time you will again have demonstrated lower value.

Common Examples of DLV
• Self depreciating humor
• Not having any money
• Insulting (bring down) their friends
• Trying to impress people
• Perform too many favors
• Being “the nice guy”
• Not standing up for themselves
• Bragging about accomplishments
• Being ignorant
• Caring about what others think
• Poor social awareness

According to pickup artist Mystery women lose attraction for men when men display DLV through words or mannerisms.

I do agree that people reciprocate to us based on the value they assign us. However, I do not believe that in order to win women you have to demonstrate high value based on this list.

Seduction and attraction work very differently.

If seduction were to happen ONLY based on looks, money and status, I would never get laid.

Anyone who has attended a live workshop with me can testify that the only things I communicate to women are the ones that Mystery pickup artist will label as DLV’s (Demonstration of lower values).

When I go out to meet women, I wear jeans, which are ripped and torn. I wear shoes that have holes in them. Here is a image of what I wear:

Pua Magic Demonstrating Lower Value

When I approach women, the only things I say are things like: “I am broke”, “I am homeless”, “No woman wants to date me”, “I am a virgin”. Women are all over me despite demonstrating these lower values.

My ex-girlfriends have paid for my school, immigration, clothes, food and vacation.

In fact the two computers I own, I pod I have and the video camera I possess were all gifted to me by women I dated.

These women knew all along I was broke as hell and lazy but it never stopped them from loving me! You must have read about my disclosure on the Social Circle Game page.

Most of my clients work for Wall Street or retain high position in corporations. They make more money than I do most of them have more expensive clothes and flashy lifestyle than I do yet they struggle with women.

Do not be fooled by this concept of demonstration of lower values. Attracting women is a very different game. Attraction happens even before you approach women.

Women use very different standard to measure a man for sexual relationships. Most of these values are intangibles and non-verbal. You can find out about them by clicking here.