DHV is an acronym for Demonstration of Higher Values. Pickup Artist Mystery first coined the term. DHV is any action or story that increases the perceived value of a pick up artist in the eyes of his target or the group.

There are certain values that raise the perceived value of a pickup artist. These are:
Leader of Men-Where women see you as the
Pre Selected By Women
Protector Of Loved Ones
Ability and Willingness to Emote
Belief in a Greater Cause
Sense of Humor
Good Fashion
Fun and positive attitude
Social Calibration

A pick up artist will embed DHV values in his routines or demonstrate higher values with actions to impress his target. Here is an example of DHVs embedded in a routine:

Pick Up Artist: So check this out! A few months back I went to this fashion show for hair products in San Francisco put together by L’Oreal. (By saying this PUA demonstrates that he has a life and that he goes to interesting places and events.)

A very good friend of mine invited me to this show, also my old hairstylist, (I have good friends who like me and I do activities with them.) 

During the show I met this French girl. She was one of the models and we hit it off instantly. (I date beautiful women and beautiful women like me.)

We decided to go boating for our first date. She was also one of those open minded, adventurous girls, which I really liked about her. I loved every minute we spent together. (I am adventurous, exciting and fun. I like to do activities and dating me would be a ball. Again, I was dating a high quality girl.)

This example gave you the hint on how you can inject values in your conversation to impress a woman.

DHV routines are great tools to impress people. However, you should only use them if they are true. If you try to impress a target using lies, they will catch you sooner or later and there will be no recovery from it. Make sure your actions match your words.

Can Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) Generate Attraction?


The answer is: No! DHV Does Not Generate Attraction. Seduction happens for a very different reason. IF DHV controlled attraction then we would never see wives of rich businesspersons and celebrities cheat on their husbands. We all know this happens. I have personally experienced this on numerous occasions.

DHV transforms you into a cool social guy. It enables you to win a woman’s friendship and companionship but it won’t accomplish anything past that. Using DHV you might be able to keep a woman into your circle because she finds you resourceful.

DHV alone will not bring her panties down!


In order to seduce a woman you need to strike her emotional and sexual chords. You need to turn her on to make her want you for sexual and romantic liaisons.

When I approach a woman, I only play what pick up community calls AFC game. I lower my value during the interaction. I always tell women how broke I am and that there is nothing going on in my life. Almost every client from my previous workshops can vouch for this. Yet I always manage to seduce almost every woman I want.

The best part in doing so is that I never come across as bragging. Women see me as a chill, laidback, fun and sexual guy.

If it is not DHV then how do women get attracted to me?

The answer lies in the application of T.E.A.S.E.

I can bet my life that a pick up artist can spend hours building his value using DHV routines and anyone can steal his set in minutes with the right application of T.E.A.S.E

In fact, I have true stories on me about my clients stealing women from guys who were on the VH1 show “The Pickup Artist”. Of course, I cannot reveal the details here but I will never publish it here if it were not true.

If you know anyone who is a natural with women, you will notice him make constant use of T.E.A.S.E.

Think of any past relationship you have had, I guarantee that in the beginning you were all about making eye contact, touching, fun and high animation.

Whether you got it right at the time by stroke of luck or whether you knew at the time what you were doing, T.E.A.S.E is what you probably applied to generate attraction.

T.E.A.S.E is the most simple, normal and easy to apply system. There are no routines or complicated 8-10 modules involved, just 5 simple attraction generators to incorporate in your normal conversation. Nothing More Nothing Less!

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T.E.A.S.E is the secret ingredient behind the success of my clients.

In my workshop, I incorporate T.E.A.S.E into my client’s personality. This makes them come across natural to women they engage. There is no bigger DHV than to come across as a guy who is sexually driven, hence they get success.

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