Direct Opener:

Direct approach is the process where you walk up to a woman and instantly reveal romantic interest. Direct opener is an opening line or a statement that reveals direct interest in the target or a set. An example of direct opener would be; “Hey just saw you and had to get to know you” or “You are really cute, I had to say hello”.

Indirect Opener:

Indirect approach involves the process of initiating conversation with a woman under the pretext of being social or asking a question. You then steer this initial approach to generate attraction-using rules of attraction. The underlying principle behind indirect approach is to seduce women as if it happened by chance after you started talking with them.

An Indirect opener is the line, statement or question used to strike conversation with a woman without revealing the PUA’s true intent

An example of indirect opener would be; “Do you know any cool bars around here?” or “Hey guys real quick, do you think guys should wear eyeliner?”

Direct Approach Vs. Indirect Approach

There is a huge debate in the community over direct approach vs. indirect approach. I do not think one is better than the other.

Direct approach at times can meet with instant rejection. When you walk up to a woman and reveal romantic interest in her, you force her to make an instant choice of flirting back or reject you.

Generally, you have to possess strong confidence, body language, tonality, eye contact, smile and situational value to get positive results from direct approach.

Direct game is exceptionally suitable if you are looking for a same-night lay. A direct and bold approach enables Pua’s to weed out women who are shy or conservative. Such women usually do not participate in One Night Stands.

Direct approach is also suitable during daytime approaches when women are in a rush.

If done right women find direct approach to be very attractive!

Indirect approach on the contrary is easier for initial entry because women perceive the conversation merely as a social interaction. Most indirect openers will at least last few minutes. If you face rejection upon opening, you will generally face much softer rejection compared to direct approach.

Indirect approach buys you time under the pretext of normal conversation. You can then apply principles of attraction in your conversation to generate attraction.
Indirect approach if done right ensures that everyone will have a good time even if the approach does not lead to seduction.

Your approach will depend on circumstances and personality. Almost every indirect approach has to turn direct at some point to make relationships happen with few exceptions. It is a good idea for any aspiring pick up artist or student of seduction to master the principles of both direct and indirect game.

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