Learn Eye Contact To Generate Attraction + Intense Eye Contact Lessons To Flirting And Generating Strong Attraction.

What Is Eye Contact And Why Should You Use Eye Contact?

Eye contact when is a powerful tool to generate attraction and love!

You should use eye contact because it works.

Eye contact eliminates rejection. This is because you generate interest in women even before you approach them. Also, women who are shy or have friends around can convey their desire to you under the radar using eye contact. And so they do not have to pull back.

Eye contact generates attraction because it releases chemicals that are responsible for attraction. Many psychological studies show that women feel attraction when men make eye contact.

Eye contact changes mood in women. When you keep making extended eye contact, women begin to feel different. They begin to feel happy. They become more friendly, helpful and flirtatious – even if they had no desire for you until that point.

Eye contact can also add fun to your flirting.

You could tease a woman by saying you don’t like her in a playful voice accompanied with a smile and eye contact. You could also finish your sentence then look her in the eye and stick your tongue out. Women love when they know you like them but won’t admit to it. This playful move will develop strong feelings for you in her.

You can flirt with her in front of other people and no one but the two of you will know what is going on.

How To Make Eye Contact With A Woman

Eye Contact Attraction Pickup Seduction
  • Find Someone You Find Interesting

  • Glance Casually In Her Direction

  • Meet Her Gaze With A Smile Or A Nod

  • Scan Her Head To Toe

  • Return To Making Eye Contact

Eye Contact Attraction Examples - Study These Images And Practice Them in The Mirror

There is a specific eye contact pattern that sparks attraction. This is where you constrict your pupils while looking in her eyes.

Take a look at these images, then practice them in the mirror. This way when you meet a woman you like, you will know exactly how to make eye contact and generate attraction.

Eye Contact Before Approach

eye contact before approaching

When possible, make an extended eye contact with the woman, smile or nod then approach. Your eye contact and smile will establish rapport. She will now respond positively to your approach.

Eye Contact Initiat Approach

eye contact approaching women

Maintain Direct Eye Contact When You First Talk To A Woman. Maintain Eye Contact While You Introduce Yourself And Shake Hands Or Exchange Names. Eye Contact Should Be Direct Like Shown In The Image Above

Eye Contact Signals For A Kiss

When To Kiss A Woman Eye Contact Signal

Intense Eye Contact + Leaning Her Face Towards Your Face + Extended Touch Indicates She Is Ready To Be Kissed. Slowly Lean In So She Knows You Are Trying To Kiss Her Then Wait For Her To Reach For the Kiss

Eye Contact You Want To Get Intimate

intense eye contact flirt with girl

Constricted Pupils + Intense Gaze + Leaning In Conveys You Seek An Intimate Relationship With Her. You Can Even Use This On Your Female Friend To Generate Feelings Without Saying A Word.

Eye Contact That Conveys She Likes You

eye contact to attract woman

Eye Contact With Constricted Pupils + Leaning In + Some Sort Of Touch From Her Indicates Desire To Get Intimate. Now Is The Time To Go For A Kiss Or Ask Her On A Date.

Eye Contact - She Is Curious About You

Eye Contact To Seduce Woman

Dilated Pupils And Big Smile (Almost Laughter Like) Conveys She Is Enjoying You. This Is Time To Switch from Platonic Conversation To Serious Flirting And Touching.

When you get into the habit of making eye contact, as shown above, you will become popular with women.

Every woman you meet will like you without knowing why she likes you. Every man will think there must be something about you but they can’t figure what. They will assume that it is your money, looks, fashion etc. that makes you popular with women. But in reality, it will be your eye contact that will make you popular with women.

Eye Contact Essentials That You Must Know

Watch These Videos Below And Learn
Ways To Make Eye Contact And Generate Attraction

Eye Contact For A Successful Approach

Eye Contact Opener:

The 3-7 Rule of Eye Contact with Shy Women

Eye Contact that will Attract

Eye Contact Execution Checklist

  • Get into the habit of making extended eye contact with everyone including men and women. Every time you cross path with men and women make a point to look in their eyes and nod with a smile. Soon eye contact will become second nature to you. You will feel natural and comfortable to make eye contact with women you like.

  • Next, learn to do a quick scan women from head to toe. Make eye contact then quickly scan her all the way down to her feet then back again to her eyes. Women do the same thing. When they like a man they see they scan him head to toe. This is what we call “checking someone out”. This is an unconscious phenomenon that communicates desire and generates attraction.
    Sometimes I make this move obvious to have fun.

    I will ask her what she does for a living. Before she can answer I’ll say: “don’t tell me, let me guess”. I am good with the guessing game. Then I will start scanning and mention details of her look. So for example, I will say: “Beautiful brunette, really nice hair, love those earrings, by the way, nice makeup wearing a sexy blue dress, great figure and matching shoes – what would she do for a living?” They laugh because you make it obvious but it feels fun because it is happening with their consent.

    Other times, I will end by saying: “a beautiful woman like you should be a model! But you are a very sweet and warm person so I guess you are some kind of caring professional”. With this statement, I balanced her looks with personality. I want her to know that I like more than her looks.

    At times, tease them by saying: “You are a unicyclist at a local circus or you a unicyclist lion tamer”. None of this needs to make sense. They have to sound funny. The more ridiculous the joke the more they play along.

    So you see eye contact technique allows me to engage women, charm them and stand apart from other men.

  • Once a woman holds eye contact you can smile, nod, walk up to her or signal her to join you. Sometimes you can tease her. When she makes eye contact just stick out your tongue. It adds playfulness to seduction and women enjoy it.

  • Make extended eye with a woman when you meet her for the first timer, when you introduce yourself, when you flirt with her and right before you kiss her. I have few examples of eye contact above. You can learn more eye contact and other flirting tools by studying Attraction Bible.

  • You can play eye contact game with the woman you just met or your female friend. You can play what I call: meet the parents look: you make the gesture with your fingers that you are watching her.

  • Eye contact should always include smile so you do not scare or intimidate women.

  • You can read signals in women’s eyes. They let you know everything with their eye contact. They will signal you their interest, they will tell you when it’s time for a touch and when they are ready for a kiss. Often, women tease you by saying they do not like you. Sometimes it is hard to tell if they mean it or not. Look in their eyes and you will have your answer.

  • Men often miss eye contact signals and either make the wrong move or don’t make the move at all. Learn to read the intentions in her eyes and make your move. Read my book “The Love Signals” and learn to secret signals women give to men.

  • Women often avoid eye contact when they are feeling shy or nervous because they like you. In this case, read her body language. If she is still staying close to you, touching you or positioning toward you – just slow down. She needs a little time to get comfortable.

  • Learn the difference between I want you eyes vs. I don’t care eyes vs. flattery eyes. Watch the images above and read the Love Signals for more example.

  • Eye Contact followed by a touch is a strong indicator of liking.

  • Sunglasses makes no difference. You can make eye contact even when they have sunglasses on.

  • You can make eye contact then stick your tongue out, nudge her, flick her gently or turn your back on her. All of this adds fun to flirting and makes women want to participate even more.

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