Video Tip: Real World Example – How To Use

Female Psychology To Generate Attraction

As you saw in the video the SECRET to getting women is to come to their level and make them feel they have a NATURAL CONNECTION and CHEMISTRY with you.

This is the SECRET that all NATURALS share in common.

This is also why I am so anti Pickup Lines and Routines.

Canned Pickup Routines help you buy time with women but you are never able to make an IMPACT on women.

If You Don’t Understand A Woman’s Inner

Game, Desires and Motivations–-Things That

She Secretly Desires And Wishes In Men–And

Know How To Instantly Satisfy Her With Strong

Emotions And Feelings—Then You Will Always

Be The Average Man Struggling To Make Her

Like You!

In order to make a woman feel special and experience STRONG EMTIONS for you – you need to read her mind and body language.

When you first see a woman you like, position yourself to get her to notice you in the RIGHT WAY.

This will make it easy to engage her in conversation and allow for the opportunity to do more.

This is very easy to accomplish you need to spend some time understanding Female Psychology.

You need to spend time learning how a woman desires to be approached in different environments so she can talk to you without feeling the embarrassment of being picked up in front of her peers.

The more SMOOTH and NATURAL your approach and interaction will be…the easier it will be for the woman to PLAY ALONG.

You then need to figure out ways to generate EMOTIONS SPECIFIC TO HER so she feels you TRULY GET HER.

She needs to feel like you both can be a great couple and she can experience a relationship with you the way she always wanted.

When this happens she will participate to make something happen between the two of you.

Train To Become Natural—Train To Think And

Act Natural! Make Your Approach Effortless

And Convenient For The Woman To Participate!

I would say the NUMBER 1 REASON why most men fail with women is that they make their approach too much work for a woman.

They either put too much pressure on the woman by demonstrating their endless love and commitment, or completely loose respect in the eyes of women by acting fake and phony.

Think about this for a second: men and women have been hooking up since the dawn of time. We are made for each other and we desire each other, then why would women TRY HARD to avoid men, beat them down and stay out of relationships?

The negative attitude of women playing hard to get men is a myth spread by internet marketers who have no idea how to get women – they just need clever lines to sell their product. There I said it!

Most women do not want to be put in the spotlight. Most women are not celebrities and are not used to high roller interactions.

And yes women want a strong and endless commitment but not the minute you meet her.

Women want to earn the love of their man. They want to experience gradual growth in feelings.

This does not mean you have to go on three dates before the woman will like you. You can and should make a woman feel uncontrollable desire for you within the first 30 minutes of your interaction.

But you have to follow the rules and lead her comfortably.

Not knowing rules of the GAME, BOUNDARIES to operate in, and the approach methods that work puts you on the path of struggle.

I highly recommend you come to a workshop and allow us to transform you.

In our workshop we will point out things you are DOING WRONG and teach you NATURAL WAYS to Approach and Connect with women.

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You will know exactly what to do to get noticed by a woman and establish strong connection that leads to date and much more – And you will be able to do all of this staying NORMAL.

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