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Hey man,

If I could help me out with this scenario I would greatly appreciate it!!

Met a girl online who lives 45 minutes away.

2 Fridays ago, first date, I went to hang out with her and some of her friends.

5 minutes of making out and we made plans to see each other the following weekend.

The plan was for her to come to my place and spend Saturday night and most of the day Sunday. There was a lot of talk of having sex, and in what position, etc.

That weekend didn’t happen because she didn’t get back from vacation until Monday.

Ever since our first date we would text quickly all day and night until this past Saturday when I started getting gaps of 4/5 hours at a time.

We did text yesterday for a few and made a tentative plan for Saturday night and Sunday.

However, because the plan is so tentative I feel like she may not have as much interest as she did last week, and the plan may not happen.

I sent the last text ending with a question yesterday at 4:30 and it is now 1pm the following day and I still haven’t heard back.

Not just for the physical, I’d like to try to ignite that fire again in her about us going out.

My current thought is to wait until tomorrow to text her to see if she responds today.

I was going to use the ‘do you ever wear pink?’ opening text and then go from there.

If I could get your thoughts I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thanks so much,


***My Response:***

Hey man,

There’s a lot going on in this interaction that seems to be going unnoticed.  And I hate to say this, but you’ve made some serious mistakes here – not that things can’t be fixed, but you’re about to take a major step BACKWARDS if you choose to go back to a typical routine by asking her if she wears the color pink.  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so let me start from the beginning.

Assuming that the makeout session on the night you met was going well, I think your FIRST mistake was allowing this to cool and making plans to get together another time.

I can’t stress this enough, but ALWAYS escalate as far as possible!

Remember, women are EMOTIONAL creatures, which means that unless you are stimulating them emotionally, they will almost always lose interest.

This can happen within the dynamics of a relationship, and they can ESPECIALLY happen if you allow a “cooling off” period to take place while things are getting heated.

In addition, and without knowing the details of your texts, I’m not sensing any emotional bonding that was taking place—aside from the sex talk.

From the sound of it, all the plans you were making were plans to simply have sex.

You can’t treat sex like a contract!

Most men start treating their interactions with women like it’s a business deal—rather than an emotional experience!

They devote full attention on making her say ‘YES’ to meeting thinking she will keep her commitment even if she does not feel like it anymore.

Keep in mind, the ONLY time a woman will go out on a date, or have sex, is if she continues to experience high levels of attraction for you!

And the best strategy to get a woman to like you is to establish a strong first impression and maintain it so she wants MORE of you!

Your goal on every date and phone call is to maintain the level of comfort and attraction.

This is the only way things will escalate.

Furthermore, most guys think that they need to maintain constant contact in order to maintain this attraction.

They fear that without constant interaction, the attraction will die and she’ll move on to someone else.

This is absolutely wrong!

In your situation, you would have maintained a higher level of attraction by talking LESS not more. And certainly NOT everyday.

So…at this point, your best option is to STOP texting her.

She’ll likely test you for a few days (which means she won’t respond either), but after this time she will text you back!

I can almost guarantee it!

She may flirt even more, or lead you on even more just to make herself feel like she has you.

Don’t fall for this trap or she will lose ALL interest in you.

This is your moment to play it cool!  Use this time to maintain control, and re-energize the attraction by building trust, comfort, and that initial connection.

Sending a text at 3am that says, “thinking of you” can come across as desperate, or misinterpreted as a drunk text. BUT, a 3PM text that says, “thinking about the smell of your skin and your nails on my back” is enough of an EMOTIONAL text (drawing upon sensory experiences) to reignite powerful attraction.

And as much as women LOVE sex, you have to be able to stimulate their minds as well as their bodies.

It’s essential to allow a woman to see MULTIPLE sides of your personality—keep her guessing, and keep her curious about all the other things she’ll get to learn about you!

When you meet a woman for the first time, you should try to develop topics of conversation, sharing interests, and exploring each other’s personality.

That’s not to say that a sexual interaction can’t happen within minutes, but THIS relationship started as a date, which means that there was opportunity to learn about each other beyond sexual positions, etc.

A woman you plan to date should feel special, unique, and more importantly, that she has a stronger and deeper connection with you than anyone else.

Most men skip this step in attraction and pay the price.

Good news is that this level of comfort and attraction is easy to establish. Between Social Mastery Home Study Course And Flirting Manual you can find everything you need to know to keep women interested and attracted to you for a long time.

I feel you have really wrong ideas about how attraction works. It seems you still do not get that woman want to be with men so no need to try too hard.

All they want is to feel “RIGHT” about the man they are with.

In your interaction you did nothing to make her feel right about the two of you.

My sincere advice is to stop thinking like a pickup artist and focus on being NORMAL.  That’s the BEST way to connect with women.

The more normal you are from the start, the more trust is developed, and the easier she will be able to see you as boyfriend material.

Besides why make things complicated when they are not.

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Hope this helps!

All the best,

-Andrew Atkin

(Lead Coach)

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