Attraction only happens when a woman sees in you the man she desires.

Attraction has nothing to do with time spent together! It can happen within one second and without exchanging a single word. And attraction can happen years after you have known each other.

Men who are good with women can generate attraction anytime anywhere because instead of relying on luck they know the tactics to make a woman feel attraction for them. These men understand a simple concept that skips majority of men.

Every man including you have an angle which is your calling card or secret code to make women experience uncontrollable desire for you. You just don’t know how to use it and make that special woman want you as much as you want her.

The character of Don Draper in Mad Men is just as appealing as Vincent Chase from the HBO series Entourage. They are both sexy in their own way and for vastly different reasons. The key is to find out where you naturally fall on the spectrum then develop your flirting and conversation around it.

Most men try to do things that are unnatural to them. As a result they come across insincere and feel less about the process.

When clients come to my workshop this is exactly what I focus on. I help them discover exactly what makes them sexy to women. Then I design their flirting moves around that.

When I first started most women did not see me as a boyfriend material. They would sleep with me if I turned them on. I could establish a bond with them only after we had sex. So instead of asking women out for a date I focused more on turning them on. I would then try to create a bond with them after we had sex. I did this simply because it was working for me.

Things have changed now!

Women now see me as a man they want to spend their life with so I have no need to go for instant seduction unless that is what I want. With my skill set I now control the process and outcome.

My current girlfriend was a case of love at first sight. We met each other while she was with her boyfriend. We talked maybe for a minute and knew we had to see each other. We met and instantly connected. We are now together and have great connection.

This is precisely how I want my clients dating life to be! I want them to get results as fast as possible and without giving up who they are.

There is a reason my clients have such high rate of success. There is a reason most of them got married or found real love within months of training with me. I focus on accentuating what makes them desirable to women. They no longer play one-sided game of chasing women. Women work just as hard to be with them. All of this a result of the new skill set they develop during the workshop.

If you want to succeed with women then you need to discover that unique element which makes you desirable to women. It has to be something so strong that women just cannot resist. I guarantee you already have it but are unaware of it. You need to develop style of flirting that is congruent with your element. You do this and you will never have to work to get a woman – I GUARANTEE IT!! 

Once you reach this stage you will be unstoppable!

With little effort and help from us you can 100% get there.

I highly recommend you come to an infield dating workshop and let me transform you into a guy who actually gets women. Allow me to help you become a man who does not rely on looks, luck or friends to get women.

I want you to become a man who can get attractive women on his own merit and at any moment you want. Let me show you the immediate steps you need to take so you can start experiencing the kind of success I am talking about. This is the only way you will step out of the negative loop that is keeping you from dating quality women.

You can find out more about live training and set up a call to discuss if we can help you. Yes we do not accept everyone into our program but if we do your success is pretty much guaranteed! Click here to signup for upcoming workshop: Live Infield Training Your Friend,

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