I love flight attendants! They look good, have good fashion, good personality and the younger ones are usually in good shape.

On my way to Europe I had this gorgeous flight attendant working in my section.

This is not the first time I slept with a flight attendant. I have done it on many occasions using the T.E.A.S.E. You can find out more about it here: Attraction Bible

We kept making eye contact and exchanged smiles throughout the flight. I could tell there was attraction on both ends.

Eye contact is the most powerful element in generating attraction. Use eye contact the way I teach it in the Social Mastery Home Study Course and you will have 100% attraction – every single time.

I like to flirt with women even if I have no intentions of asking them on a date.


If you want to become good with women get into the habit of flirting with every woman you meet.

Most men wait for the perfect woman to show up before they can start flirting.


If you are in the habit of flirting with every woman you feel no hesitation when you meet the right woman.

Seducing My Flight Attendant…

I talked to other flight attendants and flirted with them as well. I kept my interactions lively and loud enough for my  woman to notice.

I touched, made eye contact and escalated just as I teach in the T.E.A.S.E. System.

I generated attraction, built value and won approval of her colleagues because I engaged every other flight attendant in my section.

Remember: All of this has to appear “NATURAL” and “NOT FAKE”, just like you see in the T.E.A.S.E. videos

This Is The Key To Attract High Quality Women!

High quality women are INSTANTLY attracted to men who are liked and desired by other people especially women. They want to be with the man everyone desires!

How I Asked Her Out…

We now arrive at the airport and It’s time to get off the plane. I meet her on the way. I tell her that she was good and that she made this journey pleasurable. I shook hands and left.

I am now standing at the customs when I see her walking towards the green channel.

I could not see her walk away.

I ran to her and offered my hand for a handshake.

I said, “I don’t know why I didn’t say this earlier but how about we dine together tonight? This is going to be my treat since you already took care of me on the plane“.

I kept holding her hand while I said the above line.

Her friends were standing around when I said the above.

I then turned towards her friend and said, ” Why don’t you come along too? I have a friend who is here to receive me. We all can riot together.” They looked at each other and said ok.

We made plans to meet up at their hotel in couple hours.

I turned back to join my customs line but they asked me to follow them through the green line and I was out in no time.

At Attraction Methods we have a strict policy that no instructor can get laid unless all clients get laid. We are not there to party on your time and money. Our job is to get you laid and then take care of our needs.

I went out met up with my client and asked him how he felt about this meeting.

My client thought it was a good idea. I told him there was a high possibility I might end up going to her room or she may come back with us.

He was ok with it.

How I Seduced Her To Sleeping With Me

The four of us go out for dinner and drinks.

I told my client to copy my behavior so everything goes smooth.

I started engaging both women with high energy. I injected sexual conversation and initiated sexual touches while remaining playful.

I had to help my client as well.  So I came up with a game where we were supposed to reveal dark sides in us and gradually steered this game towards discussing sexual fantasies.

I paused during the conversation and started making out with my woman.

The idea was to set the mood for the table. I knew once my target got sexual with me her friend would have no hesitation getting sexual with my client.

I signaled my client to kiss the other woman and he did.

My gamble paid off.

We all went to my client’s house and got laid.

What a great way to start training. Having sex with a flight attendant even before you get your first lesson.

Every Woman Is An Opportunity For Sex And Relationship.

Air Hostess’s are just women, if anything they are very easy to get with because they are relaxed and open minded.

They are always on the go and do not mind to have some evil fun upon meeting the right partner.

Truth is that no woman is out of your league if you know to do the right things.

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