If you are just beginning to go out to meet women you need to learn to get in the right state. Being in state is imperative to have a pleasant interaction with women. Most beginners are usually scared and nervous before approaching women.

Here are three keys to think about before approaching a woman.

  • Take Deep Breaths: Most of us live in a rushed environment. With work pressures and deadlines looming we rarely get to sit at ease and feel relaxed. As a consequence we get into state of multi tasking and talking fast. Taking deep breaths help us relax and snap out of the rush mode. We then can walk and speak slowly which makes us appear confident to women.Being relaxed also enables us to live in the moment and come up with better responses when communicating with women. As you practice you will undoubtedly see the importance of feeling relaxed when approaching women. Next time when you go out to approach women start by taking few deep breaths to get in state.
  • Smile And Make Eye Contact with Strangers: Smiling and making eye contact with women demonstrates confidence and dominance. However if you are new to the scene you will feel nervous around beautiful women. This will cause you to avoid eye contact or smile at women you find attractive.A simple fix is to make eye contact and smile at every stranger, men and women alike, when you are walking to the venue to meet women. It is easier to establish eye contact with stranger while walking on street or standing in line. Since you have no agenda in your mind you feel no hesitation to make eye contact or smile.If you smile and make eye contact you get in good mood and feel appreciated when strangers respond back with smile. You feel good, confident and friendly which helps you approach a woman. Try this little exercise next time you go out and see how it puts in good, friendly and confident state.
  • Make Small Talks: If you are shy making small impersonal talk to strangers really helps. After you make eye contact and exchange smile start adding hey or hi. Say hello to four or five men and women. If you are going inside a bar say hello to the bouncer, give him a compliment on something or ask him how the night is going.If you are standing in line to get in, talk to other people standing in the line with you. Give them a compliment or make a comment about how cool the scene is. Make sure to talk to couple women as well. If nothing just give them a compliment. This is not to seduce them but to get into practice of talking to strange people.  Since you will be making general talk or giving them non sexual compliment most people will respond nicely and this will put you in good state. You will now be able to approach a woman and seduce one with confidence.
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