Most men avoid to approach women.

Many men avoid approaching women because they feel they do not have the skills needed to pick up women.

They are afraid to get rejected in front of other people and this fear prevents them from approaching women they find attractive.

Nothing will happen unless you approach women you find attractive.

You do not need training on how to approach women!

Quality women are not impressed by <ahref=””>pick up lines or openers. They value men display dominance and confidence.

Most quality women are attracted to men who are not afraid to take risks and go after what they desire.

By approaching women in front of other people you demonstrate boldness, confidence and risk taking.


If you get into the habit of approaching women at least once a day I guarantee you will have 5 dates in less than 30 days.

Next time you see a woman you are attracted to go and approach her.

Any woman you do not approach is a 100% missed opportunity.

You will be surprised at the outcome if you start approaching women you find attractive on regular basis.

Any time you leave your house to go out and approach women you are one step closer to succeeding with women than sitting at home and doing nothing.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO venue, no setting, no situation and no group where you cannot approach women.


How To Approach Women You Meet Everyday!

Most women hope that a charming and charismatic man will approach them and turn their romantic fantasy into reality.

Most women are disappointed on daily basis because quality men do not approach women out of their thoughtfulness.

The truth is that women do not mind being approached. In fact they love it!

They do not want to be approached by weird and creepy men who use pick up lines and bullshit routines.

Most women have simple needs.

All they ask is for a quality man to approach them and strike a stimulating conversation then make the move.

You can be the quality man that most women desire if you just act normal and avoid gamey stuff.


Here are few traits that will help you appear confident and high quality man when you approach women:

  • Smile: Always smile when you approach women. Smile makes you friendly, approachable and less threatening. A smile on your face during the approach puts woman on ease and increases the possibility of a fun conversation.
  • Eye Contact: Always make strong and extended eye contact when approaching women. Establish eye contact even before you start walking toward the woman you are attracted to. This shows dominance and women feel seduced.
  • Body Language: Have good firm and upright body language when you approach women. Slouching or posturing makes you look insecure. Just relax, take a deep breath, pull your shoulder back and walk slowly. Take a wider stance when talking to women. This makes you appear to be in control.
  • Fashion: Your fashion can actually convey your level of confidence and lifestyle without saying a word. You don’t need to look like you just got off the stage but have clean clothes that are in fashion and also fit you well. Check the post by Andrew on fashion tips for men.
  • Touch: This is where most men lose points. Touching is the most effective way of communicating dominance and desire. Touching is the most powerful trigger to spark attraction yet very few men know how to do it right. Research indicates that men who touch women upon approaching have higher ration of success with women than their peers who don’t touch or touch incorrectly. 
  • Knowing What to Say: Most men hesitate to approach women because they do not know what to say after they approach women. Don’t fret this become easier with time. The more you hang out with women the more you will feel at ease to talk to them. Watch videos on How To Flirt With Women and you will know exactly what to say or do next time you approach a woman you like.

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