Asking a woman out on a date is almost like asking for a promotion. You know you deserve it but the outcome depends on how you go about asking for it.

Majority of men avoid asking a woman out on a date because they are afraid that she might say no. Many men lose their chances with women simply because they feel unprepared.

Asking a woman for a date is no big deal, you just have to do it right.

Here are simple tips that you should practice while asking a woman out to hear that resounding “Yes”:

You Want Her So You Ask Her

Be Direct: Be direct about your intentions. If you want to ask a woman out on a date say: “I’d like to take you out” or “What are you doing Saturday afternoon? I’d like to take you out.” Women love men who are bold and not afraid to go after what they want. Going direct is also a sign of confidence, a quality almost every woman adore in men.

Eye Contact When Asking For A Date!

Maintain Eye Contact: Most men are too shy or nervous to maintain eye contact when asking a woman out on a date. They look from side to side or down on the feet. Some even pretend to be staring at an object nearby. These are all signs of insecurity and display lack of confidence. When you want to ask a woman out on a date, look into her eyes with a smile on your face and say, “Hey do you fancy a drink after work ?”

Confident Gets A Date

Right Tonality: This is the key to pickup women. When you like a woman and develop strong feelings for her it sometimes messes your tonality. You end up putting pressure or create sense of urgency with your tonality because you must have her.

The stakes are high. You can’t afford to make a mistake and lose this woman. You must do everything thing right but you are still not sure what is the “right way to ask her on a date”.

If you are nervous and unsure about her response it will show in your voice.

Asking a woman on a date should not become a big deal. It is not like the world will end if she says no. No one will laugh at you and there will be no movie scripts written about you not getting a date.

Almost every man hears no at some point in his life unless he plays safe and never risks approaching women.

The same woman who said no to you today can say yes at a different time under different circumstances.

Relax! There are too many women out there who are exactly the type you desire.

Your odds of dating women will increase if you ask a woman on a date with relaxed and calm tonality. Talk to her as if you matter to her and ask her on a date as if that is the only right thing to do.

Tonality is contagious. Your emotional state controls the emotional state of people around you. If you are happy people will feel happy around you.

Next time you ask a woman for a date ask with calmness and little excitement in your voice. If you ask with a secure tonality she will feel secure and respond with a yes.

I know You Want To Be Asked Out On A Date

Right Attitude To Ask On A Date: Men get nervous when asking women out on a date. They act almost as if they are about to commit a crime by asking a woman out on a date.

Asking a woman out on a date is not a big deal.

Women won’t get upset at the proposition. If anything women will be flattered.

Don’t make a big deal of your date. Don’t make it grand and elaborate affair because it is not.

Going on a date is no big deal for women.

It is not like they are agreeing to marry you. It is just a date. The purpose is to spend some time and getting to know each other. Leave it at that!

When you ask a woman out, get rid of the pressure and treat it like a small everyday thing. Ask a woman out as if you were asking your best friend for a ride home.

Practice this out loud few times so you are prepared.

And remember to keep your date simple. Nothing fancy or big that puts pressure on her.

Because I Fancy Dating You!

Up The Stakes When Asking Woman On A Date: When you want to ask a woman out on a date, make it clear and specific.

When you say: “do you want to hang out sometime” it hurts you on two levels. First it makes you seem unsure about your intentions. And second, even if she says yes you have to call her up again to decide on what you want to do.

Be a man and take charge from the get go. When you want to ask a woman out be specific: “How would you like to go out for a drink with me this Wednesday evening?” This conveys the woman that you have put in a thought and want to spend some time with her. This is attractive.

I Ask You On A Date For I Am A Man

Take The Lead: Do not hesitate to take the lead. When you find yourself attracted to a woman ask her if you can take her out. Don’t hand her your email or phone number hoping she will initiate the contact. Even in this age of equality women want to be courted and treated feminine.

Face Time Over FaceBook

Ask Her out In Person: Always ask women out face to face and not via email or phone. It is more personal. A confident approach made in person is hard to reject. Approach in person is seductive and hard to resist.

I Like You So I Touch You!

Touch Women Before You Ask Them Out On A Date:

A recent study in France revealed that men who touched women prior to asking for a dance got significant higher number of yes’ than their peers who did not touch.

Touching women sub-communicates dominance and sexual interest.

Next time you talk to women compliment how nice her hair is and touch it at the same time. Or gently tap her arm and say “you are fun” or “you are a dork” depending on the flow of conversation.

Then ask her out and get ready to hear the big YES.

Remember that women do get asked out a lot. But rarely do they get asked out in a manner that compels them to say yes. The key to success is in standing apart from rest of the men.

Dating beautiful women is not hard at all you just need to know the strategies that work effectively on women. You need to differentiate yourself from other men and appeal to emotions of woman you like in a manner that she cannot resist you.

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