Dear Magic

I am doing great opening and the transition however, I need a little push and guidance from you in the area of generating attraction. How can one commence attraction, please advise?

Best regards

My Answer:

Hey man,

Congratulations for taking the first step! Most men sit on the sidelines and never invest the time and energy to change things.

Good to hear that you are able to open and interact effectively. I remember sometime back you were struggling to approach women. I hope you are approaching women who are really good looking and the ones you are truly attracted to. Remember approaching perfect 10’s is much easier than you think and I made you do that sometime back.

Generating attraction is the key element to getting women. You have to have various elements in place for a woman to feel attraction for you. This is the reason I have devoted over 100 pages in the book “Social Mastery Book” teaching how to attract women.

Read that book and you will know exactly how to transform yourself and display qualities that makes you desirable to women.

But here are 3 important steps that will change the game for you right away:

    • Presentation: How you present yourself is an important determinant if the woman will find you attractive. Your entry into the venue, your fashion, your ability to make eye contact, your smile and body language are noticed and evaluated by women. Make sure you have these elements in control. Don’t go out and imitate my style or body language. It will never work for you. Spend time on becoming a unique and sexy man. Social Mastery Home Study Course will teach you all these elements to generate attraction.
    • Interaction: How you interact with women and what you say will be the next factor that will trigger attraction. Read the list of values in the book that most women find attractive. Then convey those values to women, as part of your conversation, without being obvious. For example you can mention the party you went to and what happened there to convey you are social.
    • Seduction: The most important element in attracting women is your ability to get sexual with women. How soon you touch, how often you touch and how sexual those touches are will determine if a woman will feel attraction for you. When it comes to touching I recommend that you touch women in manner and places, only her boyfriend would. I know you are thinking right now that I am going to get you slapped. Watch my DVD on the art of touching women. We have a female guest speaker who is not my friend and she will tell you exactly how she feels when I demonstrate the areas to touch women to turn them on.

Most people do not realize how powerful this model is and how fast it gets women wet. Read reviews on the site from guys who are succeeding with women. This is the biggest key to their success.

There are hundreds of books and products out there. Most of them are  a waste of time and money. I also know that my website does not look flashy and my sales pages are not too persuasive. But you have to trust me when I say that this book and video will bring you serious results in attracting women towards yourself. I will be a damn fool to push something on you that will make me look bad and lose your trust.

If you want to master the art of seduction than this is the way to do it. You will be amazed what these products will do for your progress. And this way we both will win.

Hope this helps!


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