How To Be The Man Women Love

A friend of mine who runs sent an article my way.

She ended up writing traits women desire in men. The article was so good that I had to steal it for you all to read it. Here it is:

What characteristics does a womanizer possess?

There are several traits that define a Casanova. These are often the leading man in a movie that women swoon over.

Think about the womanizers we’ve watched for years in the movies like John Wayne, James Dean, and Tom Selleck. They have it.

They have what so many men are striving for. They have the characteristics women are looking for. They are that self-assured, dominate male figure.

A womanizer finds beauty in every woman, but they make the woman they are with feel like she is the only woman for them.

They casually flirt with women on a daily basis, and if in a relationship is healthy and a huge part of why their woman is attracted to them. Seeing others attracted to your mate can do wonders for your relationship. She should feel like she won the prize in the room when they go out and he should feel the same about her.

They have a charismatic personality that draws both sexes to them.

They are the friend who offers help to all their friends in need. They speak in a commanding way that others listen to with ease.

He knows how to get what he wants, when he wants it. Plain and simple nothing will ever stand in his way. He makes the world work for him.

A womanizer may or may not have had many girlfriends, but knows how to make his woman feel feminine at all times.

He feeds off women’s sensualness and uses his power as a man to impress them. He knows he has the power to get any woman in a room, but knows how to use his power to get just the right lady and keep her. It takes the right woman to tame the lion, but it can be done. It also takes a special woman to understand how he see’s woman and use that to your relationships benefit.

He maintains ruggedness about him at all times. Being too cleanly shaven and proper cramps his style and he will do everything in his power to resist conforming.

He likes to do things his way. He’s the boss. This shows in the type of clothing, hairstyle, and body type he maintains.

He walks in a slow; erect way that generates looks from others. When he walks into the bar everyone knows he’s there. He gazes at everyone and locks eyes with those of beauty. He is friendly to all and well liked by everyone. He wins everyone over if given a few minutes.

These traits are attractive to women, whether or not she’ll admit it.

Women want a man who knows how to be a man and treat her right. Women love a womanizer’s self-assuredness and confidence that few men truly exhibit.

Your confidence is catching and assures that women with confidence will be in your circle at all times.

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