Clients often ask which is the most important element of the game to generate attraction?

Should they focus on technical elements like touching or the non-technical stuff like attitude and inner game?
They are both interdependent. One will not work without the other.

You may have great inner confidence but if you do not take action to seduce women attraction will not happen.
Similarly, if you muster the courage to touch women but feel insecure, it will show.

In order to succeed with women, you have become sexy and charismatic. You should possess the magnetism to draw women even before you approach them.
They should think of you when you leave them.

If you can master the presence that commands attention from women, you will be dating and sleeping with gorgeous women.

If you are a beginner and feel shy around women or are afraid of rejection, you need to begin with inner game.

You need to feel attractive and develop the belief system that women would want to be with you….this can easily be accomplished…Do the exercises from Social Mastery Book.

This is exactly what I do in every workshop of mine.

I take the client out the first day. Observe what is preventing them from succeeding with women and then fix it on day two.

Most issues that prevent you from feeling attractive can be resolved in a very short time.

You do not need any therapy for it. In fact, I believe that most therapy hinders your progress.

Few weeks’ back I mentioned about this client in the newsletter. He is the guy who pulled a woman from the workshop in New York.

This guy was in therapy for many years and was not getting better.

He had severe approach anxiety when I met him. This is despite years of therapy and even a coaching session with some coach in New York for $4000.

Few days of mind fucking and he pulled this beautiful woman home from the workshop.

When it comes to building personality and charisma, I find therapy to be quite ineffective.

There are certain emotional triggers and patters that you have to activate to feel attractive and become charismatic.

Once this happens approaching and seducing women becomes a piece of cake.

Then comes seduction…

At this point, you need to practice your seduction skills.

You need to do this so women see you as an experienced lover.

Women can sense from your touch and eye contact whether you have been with other women in the past.

This is why I devote the second half of the day in my workshop, teaching seduction techniques.

Once the client’s feel good about themselves and master seduction techniques they appear confident and charismatic. Now they feel motivated to go out and meet women.

Then seduction happens naturally!

Now you know why I get so many success stories.

Seduction is simple and seduction is fast.

You don’t need to learn new techniques to sleep with women. You need to unlearn bad lessons of life.

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