Make sure to watch the above video in detail. This video is very informative. You will benefit big time from the lessons in this video.

Most men struggle and do not become good because they are not committed. They sit on the sidelines. They are spectators, not players.

They watch videos, buy courses, even take workshops but never practice what they learn. Then after a while, they feel what learned was not good because they are still single.

When you watch a new dating video on YouTube or buy a new course and learn lessons, what do you do? Nothing? You sit on it for a long time. What you should be doing instead is that when you learn a new dating move, you should implement it right away.

You should leave your house, approach the most beautiful woman you see, and apply the tactic on her. Or go to meet that woman you desire and see how this tactic works on her.

If you wait a few days or a week, you will forget about it. But if you use it the right way a few times, you will learn it. It will then become your muscle memory. 

The next time, you will be around a woman you like, you will naturally use this tactic along with other tactics you have practiced.

The end result will be that you will end up with a beautiful woman and feel good about it.

The only way you will get better and end up with a gorgeous woman is if you do the work. In your case, approaching women and executing the lesson is what you need to do.

Men Who Get Good With Women Take Action! Look At This:

I gave him one simple tip for his tinder account and he was with a hot woman the very next day.

I gave this guy an alternate dating strategy and he got 2 women the same weekend.

A simple strategy and he is having sex with a beautiful woman.

And you remember the guy who had a foursome after the workshop and ended up dating the Playboy Playmate.

There are hundreds of success stories like this spread all over the website…

What is common in these three photos?

Taking action on the advice given.

Here is the thing. The coaches know what will work for you. Especially, if you are in a workshop with us, we can instantly tell you the easiest way for you to start meeting and dating women. We can give you a guide and the blueprint but you need to act on it and implement it right away. If you wait too long, you will forget what you learned and you will be back to where you were.

So when you watch a YouTube Video or a course or take a workshop, start applying the lessons right away. This is the only way you will succeed.

If you are unsure what the best strategy for you is then have a coach help you. Or just do whatever you can do. If you keep taking action and keep making improvements you will get success.

Ask yourself do you really want to go through life feeling like this? Do you want to see other men with women while you are single or you are with someone who you think is not right for you?

The choice is yours. You are in control. But you have to take action…

So just shut up your fear, your excuses, your thoughts and just do it!

Love ya!