Most men assume they are NATURALLY not attractive to women.

They pay too much attention to their negative voice and past experiences.

Most men assume they do not have money, looks or career to attract and keep an attractive woman.

As a consequence there is a group of men that withdraw and stop attempting to meet women.

They rationalizer that they need to wait until they make certain amount of money, get a better job or loose weight.

Then there is a second group of men who over compensate for their feeling of insecurity.

They become extremely accommodating of the woman they like. They start buying drinks, pay for their expenses, buy expensive gifts assuming a woman will rationalize to stay with them because they are taking good care of her.

Their neediness continues in relationship and as a consequence they freak women out.

I know this because I have done all of the above and I see men sabotage themselves over and over.

Deadly Mistake You Should Avoid!

I get emails on daily basis from men asking what should they do to get the one they really want and she is not into them.

Here is the one just got:

I hate that, the woman I really love, I can’t have. It’s been months and my heart really aches. I am beginning to turn cold and don’t feel like talking to anyone. I know this does not make sense but I feel helpless. It is such a good feeling to talk to her. I keep looking for opportunities to talk to her because it makes me feel amazing. I want to know every minute how she is doing because I care so much. I just don’t know what to do L Any help from you Magic would be appreciated!”

Oh Boy! I don’t even know where to begin!

The problem is staring you right in the face. If you read your message few more times you will begin to see why you are struggling to get this woman.

Truth be told you will suffer this fate not only with this woman but almost any woman you try to get with.

And it is not their fault that they do not like you.

You are DRIVING THEM AWAY at a very fast pace.

I see this happen over and over and I have done it myself many times.

Read your message again.

You state that your life is on hold until you meet this woman.

Nothing feels right without her.

There is emptiness in your life.

It makes good poetry but it reflects quite dark and needy side in you.

Basically what you are saying in there is nothing in your life and this woman is the solution to make your life worth anything.

Now put yourself in the shoes of this woman.

She sees this as a guy who is downright boring. Has nothing going for himself.

She is the best thing he can get”.

So when she dates you the best thing in that relationship would be her.

Plus there will be a weak, needy and depressing guy that now she has to deal with.

Solution To Get Your Ex Back Or The One You Like…

The problem here is that you are not doing anything to make a woman want you.

You see an attractive woman and lose all control.

You start focusing on all the positive things about her. This makes you want to have her more than before.

But the problem is that you have no game plan.

You have no idea what will make her like you.

So you start taking care and wish she will fall for the nice guy in you.

Which she does.

She likes the nice guy in you and makes you part of her life.

But she does not see a man in you.

A big reason is because you make her feel FORMAL with your behavior around her.

You forget that she is a human being who has her own flaws and weaknesses.

You treat her proper so she has to behave proper around you.

You forget that she is a woman who wants to be held by a man. She wants to partner with a man she can do dirty disgusting things with and feel good about it.

And you are not giving her any of these feelings.

You are simply a good man she appreciates.

If you want women to end up with you then you need to learn to make a woman see a man in you she desires.

And not just a nice man but a man who is capable of becoming her sexual partner.

You need to learn how make a woman want you as much as you want her if not more.

And I can promise you taking care of her, buying her gifts, acting shy around her is not going to help!

You Really Can Have It All…

…If you give up your old ways of meeting women and learn the right way to meet women and generate attraction.

I have trained hundreds of men and so I know for sure that men can change.

I have trained men who had lost all hope.

I have trained a handicapped man who had a threesome right after the training. Further there was a woman who left her husband to be with him.

Can you imagine the drastic change he must have gone through to make this happen and how he feels now?

I trained a man who was 36 years old virgin having his first one night stand within 3 weeks of training.

I had a client having 4some a week after training. This client just came out of a sexless marriage of 10 years where his wife was sleeping around and he was suffering by himself.

I can write a book just on the stories about how men have transformed the quality of their life and are living an ideal-happy and fulfilled life.

You can do the same but you need to retrain yourself and learn the RIGHT WAY to succeed with women.

Come to a workshop and let me help you get on the fast track with your dating life.

Let me teach you the missing links that are keeping you from succeeding with women.

Whether you are looking to date multiple women, find one special woman or win back that someone special you need to transform into a man who is desired by women.

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And this is exactly what you will learn in a 3 day workshop with me.

You will learn what’s holding you back from getting the woman you want.

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You will no longer have anxiety to go out and meet women.

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If anything you will begin to enjoy the process of going out to meet more women.

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