shutterstock_93224269Have you ever been in a situation where a woman shows interest in you but backs off the minute you make the move? She begins flirting when you ignore her then steps back again as soon as you show interest.

Most men have no idea how to deal with games women play. If you are interested in learning how to deal with women and be in charge then download Flirting Manual by clicking here:

I was recently training a client who is part of my 1 on 1 training.

He is dating a woman who is an actress from another country and is here for English lessons.

They had trouble in the early stage of their relationship. Fortunately I was there to help him navigate out of this mess.

This woman got a little disappointed in him and so she started playing games to punish him.

Women do this all time especially in the early stages to gain power over men.

They instantly lose attraction for men who lose in this game.

This is because women like to follow and be controlled in a relationship. They like to be with a man who is superior to them.

A man’s inability to see through a woman’s game and win it makes him inferior in the eyes of this woman and she loses all attraction for him.

My client’s experience reminded me of the challenges men face in the early stages of dating.

Often times men struggle to get women to flirt back, or to come out on a date.

Often times women show interest then back off to make a man chase them. This is another one of their games.

Most men fail at these games because these actions are foreign to them.

They do not think and play games like women do.

And so obviously they do not know how to deliver appropriate responses.

It took me many years to figure out things women do, why they do and the best way to deal with it.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]See women are very good at playing games.

When they are unsure of the men they are with, their instincts take over.

They start playing games to test the man to find out who he really is.

If the man handles this test right they see him as a superior partner and fall for him even chase him.

On the other hand if the man fails in this test he becomes inferior and women quickly move on or keep him in the friends zone at best.

The funny thing is that most women do this on autopilot without even realizing what they are up to.

Most women instinctively know how to test men and weed out the insecure ones. [/dt_quote]

It becomes super fun if you learn to see through a woman’s game because it gives you ultimate power over her else it is one of the most frustrating experiences you can have with a woman.

In this video I will explain how I helped my client take control of the situation and make his woman apologize to him.

I will also tell you the mistakes he was making which would have resulted in losing her if I did not intervene.

I will also discuss how to deal with women who tease you by showing interest then back off the minute you make a move.

By the end of this video you will have a good idea why women play games, how to sense their games and how to beat them in their own games.

Your Emotional State Has A Direct Bearing On Your Dating Life

Most men feel insecure about their ability to date and keep women attracted for a long time.

This influences the choices they make around women.

When they are faced with a challenge they start doing everything to save their relationship instead of challenging the woman.

They haven’t had much success with women in the past so they do everything in their power to turn this experience into a positive experience.

They feel the urgency to say or do something that will save their relationship.

Unfortunately this backfires because women see this effort as a sign of insecurity and are put off by it.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]This is also why in my workshops I don’t just focus on teaching skills and techniques I make sure to help clients build confidence around women by overcoming obstacles and experiencing positive outcomes.

When I have a client who thinks a certain kind of woman is out his league I teach him things he can do to get them. I then make him practice the skill on the kind of woman that intimidates him.

Once they practice on few women and have 5-6 positive experiences their belief system changes. They now believe they have what it takes to get the kind of woman they desire but have always been afraid of.

This gives them the ability to interact with women with confidence.

If a client is afraid to touch women or get sexual fast I make sure they get to practice that multiple times with me standing next to them.

In my long term training I make sure they have enough one night stands and multiple sexual partners to develop the belief system that they are part of the group who gets women on regular basis. [/dt_quote]

Once you develop the belief system that you are good enough to get women and that you have what it takes to attract women your behavior changes around women.

You act more confident and don’t fall for the games women throw your way.

You then come across as secure and confident to women which makes them contribute to maintain attraction between the two of you.

You can then make a choice if you want to be with one woman or multiple women but now you make this choice you want it and not because that is all you can get.

This is precisely why I helped my client to fix his situation with the actress he was dating.

I wanted to help him strengthen his belief system that he has all the knowledge and tools to control his relationship.

If you want to succeed with women you will need to reach the same place.

You will need to experience positive outcomes so you can replace your insecurity with confidence and get the woman you like.

Then you will be able to date women on your terms and never feel afraid or nervous around them.

And my live training is the fastest way to reach this place.

It can take you years to figure out how to overcome the next obstacle – how to have the next positive outcome but when you come to a workshop I can see what you are struggling with and provide an INSTANT FIX to get Quick Positive Results which will result in you feeling confident around women.

If you are ready to take your dating life to the next level then signup for a workshop and let me lead you to showing you what is possible for you and how you too can succeed with women – in very little time.

You can signup for an upcoming workshop here: Live Coaching

Talk to you soon!

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