shutterstock_348887006I got a question from a guy asking the specifics of eye contact.

This is what he had to say:

Hey Magic,

hope you’re doing well!

I’ve got one question for you with which I think I struggle a little bit:

Given you’re walking down the street and you notice a beautiful woman quite a distance away who is walking towards you. She hasn’t noticed you yet. You’re looking at her, trying to make eye contact, maybe checking her out purposely (good tip in the videos, thanks for that) and smile to her. At some time she notices you and reacts on that. As there is still some distance in between you and her, what do you do the rest of the time with your eyes and how do you do it? I already got to know that breaking off eye contact by looking down is no good. Do you go somewhere else with your eyes and then going back to her? Do you understand what I mean? Sometimes in such cases, there develops some kind of an odd feeling although initial eye contanct and response was good.

Thanks in advance!

Have a great time,

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shutterstock_326604593Most men lose their chance with women for not knowing what to do.

Some men talk to women but never make eye contact and so they never make a woman feel desire for them.

Some try to force eye contact or break eye contact in a manner that creates discomfort.

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