Hey guys I wanted to spend some time on an aspect of game that is often overlooked.

Recently I was with a client and he was telling me about an issue he was having when he approached women.

My client was an advanced student. He had a good handle on opening and talking with women. He shared with me that he can open well and engage women but his conversations usually died after 20 – 30 minutes.

This sounded very familiar to me. Before learning from Magic I had the same difficulty.

When I started out I had no idea what a “pickup” even looked like. I thought it was some kind of James Bond thing. A guy coolly walks up to a girl and says something magical which makes her go home with him. Unfortunately that’s not how it works.

What I learned over time is that you actually need to communicate on multiple levels and lead conversations to where you want it to go.

Most men go out and start conversations with women without a roadmap. Their conversation is directionless and has no destination.

Most men approach women, introduce themselves and maybe throw in a joke or two. Then they expect women to be attached to them or make an effort to establish a relationship.

This is exactly what I use to do in the past.

I had conversation with numerous women but never got results. I became HIGHLY frustrated because of this. Often I would get phone numbers from women before leaving the venue but these numbers ended up being flake.

Why did I have a flake problem?

My biggest issue was my inability to steer the conversation in a sexual direction and establish bonding with women.

On multiple occasions I had interactions with women that lasted anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. None of these conversations ever got sexual.

As a result women never felt any sexual attraction for me. Our conversations generally died due to lack of sexual chemistry.

In the world of dating most women are looking to meet a mate for sexual relationship. Rarely do women go out to make a new platonic male friend. They have enough of those in their life from work and school. The last thing they want is another guy to hangout without sex.

It took me a long time to absorb this fact. This is because every woman I knew or every magazine I read suggested that women want to be friends with men before they date them.

And yes this is true to some extend. Women prefer to become friends with men who do not have game. No woman wants to be friends with a man who turns her on.

And this is exactly what we need to do with our conversation. We need to use our conversation as a tool to turn women on so they see a sexual mate in us. Once this happens she will go home with you.

Now when I talk to women I start making things sexual right from the start.

The only thing I want women to know is that I am a sexual man and I am here to establish sexual relationship with them. The only emotion I want women to experience with my presence is the feeling of being seduced and sexually turned on.

I am a man and my job is to seduce women. I compliment them by letting them know that they are sexually desirable. What man or woman does not like to know that members of opposite sex sexually desire them?

This does few things.

First, it builds sexual attraction for me because women now see me as a sexually confident man.

Second, they feel comfortable with me because they know I will not judge them for their sexual desires.

Finally, it stimulates the conversation, builds connection and turns women on.

Now women experience feelings, emotions and comfort with my presence that they have rarely experienced around other men.

This makes women want to get involved romantically and sexually with me.

You need to follow the same path to start making women feel attraction for you.

Next time you go out start taking your conversations with women in a sexual direction. You will see amazing things happen. You will see women making equal effort to establish relationship. Your interaction will flow much smoother.


If you are just starting out in the game and need a good resource I highly recommend you get the Social Master Home Study Course.

If your focus is conversation then get your hands on the Flirting Manual (How To Talk To Women Home Study Course). This course teaches you how to take your talk in a sexual direction without the risk of offending women.

Better yet come to a workshop and let me work on you. When you are done learning from me you will be able to approach any woman anywhere and establish sexual comfort in no time.

This is what I have practiced in last few years and this is what I know how to teach. I am a master of speed seduction. This is where my strength lies. If you want to have the skillset to walk up to a woman and seduce her in no time then come to me. You can get workshop details and schedule by clicking here.

I wish you all the best and have fun meeting women!


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