It is quite easy to pick up women once you understand the rules. There are few prerequisites to be able to successfully pick up women.

These prerequisites are certain personality traits and seduction skills that trigger the spark of attraction in women. Women are uncontrollably drawn to men who possess these traits and skills.

Women are usually drawn to men who are sexy, confident, dominant and in control. Good sense of humor and decent fashion is also needed to make a woman want you.

The most important element that conveys the above traits while seducing women at the same time is called: T.E.A.S.E. (Tonality, Eye Contact, Animation, Sexual Touching and Energy). Any man who wants to be able to pick up women has to master these five elements of T.E.A.S.E.

A study at Aberdeen University found that two-thirds of women agreed to dance with men who rested their hands on women’s arm for a second or two while making the request.

When men kept their hands by their side as they asked the same question, their success rate fell by half.
Women were also more likely to give their phone-number to men who touched their arm during the approach on the street.

The study, published in Focus Magazine, suggested that touching makes a man appear dominant, and therefore more attractive to the opposite sex.

Researcher Dr Ben Jones said making eye contact also signals interest in a woman, but only if it is genuine.

“Smiling can make you more attractive but it is worth bearing in mind that faking a smile is quite tricky,” he said.

I have designed a unique, simple but highly effective seduction model to pick up women based on the principles of T.E.A.S.E.

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