99% of men get rejected the minute they approach women! This is a fact.

Most men are nervous when they approach women. They lack the skill set to interact with women on the same field. Women find this very unattractive and reject men who do this.

Attractive women are prewired to personality and traits they desire in men. Display these traits and you will be able to attract any woman you desire.

Often men are told that if they dress up obnoxious and deliver shocking lines women will start to see them as confident men.

This is not true!

In fact this has the opposite effect on women!

When you dress up obnoxious or act crazy you end up falling low on the scale of potential “Mr. Right”.

A woman will get emotionally invested ONLY when she sees a possible “Mr. Right” in you.

If you are doing any of this then…

STOP! It is Counterproductive!

You can never outsmart, creep or push women into sleeping with you. However you can make most women to like you by displaying traits they desire in potential mate.

All this means is that you have to transform into a “Normal but Sexy” guy to attract high quality women.

Most men have approach anxiety because they are unsure if a woman will like them.

When men muster courage and approach women their uncertainty makes them come across as nervous. It makes them seem less confident and women reject them.

This rejection adds to the feeling of insecurity and affirms beliefs that they are not good enough to get quality women.

Gradually they stop approaching women to avoid the pain of rejection.

I know this because I have been there myself.

The good news is that there is a very simple fix.

From experience I know that there are less than 1% men who are beyond help.

With little effort and right knowledge most of us can become the man women desire. We can turn things around and become the man who gets approach invitations from women on regular basis.

When this happens we begin to relax in the company of women. We no longer hesitate to initiate conversation or ask women out on a date. We start to feel powerful and in control.

Now women start to see us as confident men.

Every man should reach this place in his life. It is only after reaching this place that you actually develop options with women.

In the Social Mastery Book I have a list of qualities that every man needs to possess to become “Mr. Right”. Read this list and incorporate it into your personality. It is easy to do. This will empower you to make women fall in love.

Once you start displaying these personality traits you will begin to attract women on autopilot.

This has been the focus of my game and this has been the focus of my coaching.

My clients experience high rate of success with women because in my workshops I focus on finding things that make them unique. I teach them how to demonstrate their uniqueness in everyday interactions. This helps them stand apart from other men and get noticed by women.

Then all they have to do is apply seduction techniques and voila they start dating women of choice. But women participate in seduction ONLY when they see a potential “Mr. Right” in you.

I cannot point unique traits that make you “Mr. Perfect” over the Internet. I need to meet you and investigate in person.

But here are 3 traits that women desire in men who are their potential romantic partners. Start putting these 3 things into action and every woman will signal you to talk to her.

Once you perfect this list women will literally walk up to you. This is no joke. There is not a single day some woman does not approach me. Anyone who has taken a workshop with me can vouch for this fact.

So here it goes:

Body Language: I cannot tell you how many men have terrible body language.

Most men are either too stiff or too slouchy. They have poor handshake and bad posture. They display nervous ticks that are noticed by women.

This behavior makes men appear beaten down. It makes a woman not want to be approached by these men.

A confident man stands straight, takes his space, makes eye contact and has a smile on his face. From his behavior women conclude that this man believes in himself because he is not afraid to get noticed.

This is very attractive to women.

Women like strong and confident men as lovers. They want to show the world that the man they are dating is one of a kind. He is strong as a rock and has his life in control.

I devote a good section in Social Mastery Home Study Course on teaching how to transform your body language into the body language of a strong, confident and dominating man that women adore. This course answers all your questions on how to impress women using body language and posturing.

Interesting Conversation: This is a big one. 99% of men lose chances with women during interaction.

Most men have no clue how to strike an interesting and emotional conversation with women.

Some end up using pick up lines and pick up routines to save their life. This makes them fake and incongruent in the eyes of women. Others conduct an interview until they bore women.

I have witnessed men show too much interest or none at all. I have noticed men avoid emotional talks. At times I have seen men dig their grave by talking stuff that puts them in the friend zone.

Many men make women uncomfortable by drawing excessive boundaries during conversation.

If you find yourself doing any of this then stop right away. It is time to train and do it right!

When you approach women talk to them as if they are your childhood friends.

Look in their eyes, touch them and tease them as if you have known them for all your life. When you feel comfortable around women they will feel comfortable around you.

Conversation is not about just getting to know a woman or have a good time. You also need to establish an emotional and love connection with her.

Mix this up with some humor and women will begin to see you as their potential “Mr. Right”.

This might seem a bit tedious but it is very simple to do once you understand the process and principles driving love connections.

In the Flirting Manual I explain all the principles with examples and demonstration to teach you the art of flirting and establishing love bonds with attractive women.

Go through this course and you will never struggle with women.

You can pre order Flirting Manual (How To Talk To Women Home Study Course) by clicking here.
Socialize: Women want men that are desired by other women and liked by other men.

Most men avoid socializing.

They go to bars or parties and stick to a corner or talk to people within their social circle.

They talk to the woman they are interested in and ignore her friends.

Do the opposite to seduce women.

When you go to a bar start talking to everyone. It does not matter how small the talk is.

If you see a couple, walk up to them and give them a compliment. Ask them what their story is.

Don’t run away from less attractive women.

By talking to everyone you demonstrate that you have social confidence and people enjoy talking to you. Every woman desires her man to be socially savvy.

Most men do not have the ability to do this. Ability to talk to random people will instantly stand you apart from your peers. Now you will have the attention of every woman around you.

This is what the game of seduction is about.

Upon meeting women you need to display traits that makes you potential “Mr. Right.”

Once you master these traits, along with the others listed in Social Mastery Book, you won’t need looks, money or lines to attract women. Every word you say, every action you take will draw women to you.

Your presence will send loud signals to women about who you are. They will start paying attention to you and start experiencing uncontrollable attraction for you.

Learn right information from the beginning and save yourself the trouble of eliminating bad habits later.  It will save you from the painful journey of rejections.

Social Mastery Home Study Course will arm you with all the information you need to approach and make a woman fall in love with you.

Good luck and talk to you next week.