I wanted to talk a little on how to pull a woman home from the venue.

During my workshop in New York last week, a client ended up pulling a woman.

He took her to his car, started kissing, took her clothes off but could not close even though this woman did everything to make sex happen.

This inspired me to write on the topic to help you successfully close women every time you pull them.

To ensure this client’s privacy let us give him a fake name. Let us address him as James Bond an immigrant from London. Corny I know!

The very first night of the workshop, James had approach anxiety. He was miscalibrated and his facial expressions were very aggressive and angry.

We worked on his skill set.

On the second night of the workshop, I put him in a set with three beautiful women. I stood right next to him. I kept pushing him to get sexual and touch women more often.

At first he felt very awkward touching women this aggressively. He has never done it before. The act did not feel within his comfort zone.

I did not care and kept pushing because my job as a coach is to break your bad habits and help you build sexual comfort around women.

James managed to pull this gorgeous blonde as a result of his aggressive touching. This woman was very attracted to him.


They left the bar and went to his car. They started kissing and making out. Soon he was undressing her and had his fingers inside her vagina. She was fully cooperating.

At one point she suggested they should stop because the car is parked in public view. He handled her objection by saying: “nobody cares”.

She responded by saying that’s true people have sex everywhere including in trains.

He disagreed. He said it is not true. People do not have sex on the train.

This was the end of it!

Next, The friends of this blonde woman got worried when they found her purse laying by the bar but she was nowhere to be found.

They frantically started looking all over and calling her. They assumed she did not leave with James because her purse was still at the venue. Finally, they found her friend and were quite upset the way it was handled.

James made two big mistakes:

1. He should have never destroyed the sexual state by being judgmental. If he was concerned about having sex in public view, he should have started driving to his place just like I explain in the Social Mastery Home Study Course.

He could have also used one of the techniques from the One Night Stand DVDs to have sex in the bathroom or other nearby places.

2. James also made the mistake of not working his logistics out.

He should have talked to this woman’s friend and bid them goodbye before leaving with her. This way their friends would not have gotten all concerned and the night could have ended differently.

But this is all good. I do not want to sound like James fucked up. On the contrary James made remarkable progress. This was only the second day of his training.

On the first day of the workshop, he had severe approach anxiety. He was not comfortable even to approach women. He had been in therapy for several years to deal with his anxiety, anger and confidence.
Starting from this low and managing to pull a woman on the second day of training is pretty commendable!

I wish I had more time or another session with him to take him to a different, much higher level. But he still is much better off from where he started.

So all is good!

The moral of the story: Make sure to have control over your logistics before you leave venue with your target.

Have a definite plan; where you are going to take your target and where you will initiate sex.

Handle roadblocks before they appear. Say good-bye to the woman’s friend so they know what’s up.

Ensure nothing breaks the sexual state or reduces sexual fever. Do not make any judgmental statement. Always carry 2 condoms on you.


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