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Women have some interesting things they desire in men when it comes to their love life.

Most women will never admit their dirty secret to be controlled by a man in bed. They get pleasure in knowing that a man gets pleasure from their body. Women love the feeling of being taken by a man and watch a man have his way with them.

This is one reason women run away from men who are too respectful or shy.

Every time a girl falls in love with a guy,
develops a “crush” on him, or gets downright

Her mind goes through a very specific process.

If you want to succeed with women you have to understand what is that women want and what is it that actually works on them.

You then need to investigate what elements of your personality and interaction are working against you.

Bottom line is that you need to become the man who stimulates uncontrollable sexual desire in women. You need to be the one who appeals to her deep secret fantasies.

When this happens nothing will keep you from making that woman yours.

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