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The three women on the left in this image above are not “ideal” to approach? The two women on the right will respond positively.

Why Is This?

Any man who approaches these women will be instantly rejected with one exception.

Can you tell why and what is that one thing that will make them not reject you? Hint: It has nothing to do with looks or money.

This guy is sending all the wrong messages and driving women away.

Can you identify what is killing his chances with women?

This guy looks approach worthy. Women will position next to him and may even approach him.

Can you identify what makes him appear this way?

Flirting Is The Exchange Of Subtle Signals Between A Man And A Woman That Goes Unnoticed To Everyone Else.

Any Man Who lacks This Skill Will Always Struggle Around Women

If you master the art of reading female clues and passing subtle messages of your own that feel right to her – you will become James Bond with women.

Women communicate their likes, dislikes, interest and disinterest using subtle gestures. If you can read, interpret and react to these gestures appropriately – you can make her feel a strong attraction for you.

Let Me Ask You
Is there a special woman you wish to understand better so you can build a strong relationship with her?
 Do you ever wish you could read women and know exactly which one to approach and what to say to make her like you right away?
Do you ever get paralyzed around women because you are unsure what to do next?
Do you ever hold yourself back around women because you do not want to risk rejection by saying the wrong thing?
Do you go on a date and can’t tell how she feels about you and want to know how you can make her open up to you and like you?
Do you sometimes feel that a woman likes you but can’t tell for sure? And when you make the move she ends up saying she did not feel the same way for you?
You Hesitate Around Women Because You Don’t Know What Will Work On Her
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    You Get Nervous Because You Are Unsure What To Say Or Do When You Are With A Woman You Like.

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    You have No Idea How She Feels About You And So You Hesitate To Push Forward Which Is The Opposite Of What You Want From Her.

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    You Don’t Know How Far You Can Go With Her In That Moment.

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    You Don’t Know How To make Her Like You Or If There Is Even A Chance To Get Her To Like You.

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    So You Cut Your Losses And Walk Away To Avoid Pain

Let Me Tell You A Story Of My Client Lee…

Story Of Lee

Lee is an old client of mine. he came to a workshop because he was struggling with women for a while. At first, his interactions were not going anywhere and soon with training he was able to pick things up.

Later that night he met a girl and they both liked each other a lot. He talked to her for a while, even kissed her then took her number and left.

He was happy because this has never happened to him before. He thought women never kiss until you are on 2nd or 3rd date with them. This seemed like a big victory for him.

What he failed to see was that this woman really liked him and did not want him to leave.

I told him to go back to her which he did. They spent rest of the evening laughing, talking and kissing and finally left the venue together.

The next day he asked me how I could tell she wanted to spend more time and I told him that I could read her signals from distance which he could not.

Lee is not alone. The majority of men are bad at reading female signals. They go blind in the interaction and push forward blindly or hold back out of fear.

Flirting with women is easy. All you have to do is read their signals then make your move based on her signals.

Once you learn to read female signals, you will always have a natural escalation to your interaction with women. You will know exactly what to say and when to say because she will hint you. You will automatically know when to get intimate, initiate kiss and take things to the next level. Flirting will feel natural to both of you in that moment.

You will use her clues to make her feel special, build value, create connection and attraction. You will be able to use this skillset and generate strong affection in women for you within minutes of meeting them and even change the feelings in who have known you for a long time.

And this is when you will realize that most helpful thing when it comes to meeting women is not being rich or good looking but possessing the skillset to read her mind and using this information to create a quick connection.

It Is Very Easy To Master This Skill…

I spent months putting resources together and compile this guide to teach you how to build chemistry with women.

I created a book and included lots of pitures to demonstrate different fashion, expressions, body language and positioning to help you read a woman based on secret signals she is passing on to you.

I have then included images on male body language and fashion to teach you how women read men how you can give your own secret signals to draw women to you.

And finally I have put together group situations so one look and you can decipher the group dynamics then make a strategic approach which will not only eliminate resistance from them but will make you popular among them.

The Book Is Called The Love Signals. Here Are Some Screen Shots Of The Book:

This book will teach how to read her secret signals and establish instant chemistry with her!

I have used this information to hook up with over 400 women and finally marry the woman of my dreams. I created a connection in less that 1 minute.

This book will teach you:

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    How to cast a strong first impression, look confident and draw women to you and never look shy, insecure, lacking confidence or weird.

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    Discover the best way to approach a woman that is personalized to her situation so it feels natural to her and earns you guaranteed conversation.

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    Learn how to generate attraction under the radar using secret signals that her brain will pick but no one else will notice.

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    Discover signals that tell you whether she is shy or socially comfortable. You can use this information to flirt with her, ask her on a date and get intimate at a pace that feels natural and pleasurable to her.

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    Learn how to detect the level of connection between her and any man around her and how to use it to your advantage.

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    Basically, this course will give you everything you need to read her mind and her situation. You will be able to use this information and make her feel a natural connection with you by saying and doing things that she wants to happen.

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