Love Systems

Love Systems is one of the hardest to comment on.

I have worked for Love Systems in the past so obviously, I have my biases. I used to work in office managing website for Love systems.

I never coached for Love Systems but I do have a close association with them.

I have a lot of respect for Savoy who runs Love Systems because he offered me a job when I was moving to LA so I could support myself. He took me to Play Boy mansion on his dime and was very supportive when I started my company.

Working for Love Systems I made friends within the company so there is no way I can analyze any one within Love Systems.

Love Systems And Why I Like It

I love the company and am their well wisher for life.

Love Systems in my opinion is the most professional and corporate like entity in the dating field.

This is a very good because they bring consistency in what they do. You will always get Love Systems news letters on time and you will always have professional venues when you take a workshop with Love Systems. Love systems continuously update their website and are much focused to get media attention.

When it comes to methodology, Love Systems is again focused on consistency. They have their Love systems model and they teach it to all of their students. This is awesome because then you know what you are going to get from taking a Love Systems workshop.

Love Systems Vs. Attraction Methods

This is also where I differ from Love systems.

I have no model. In my sessions I observe students the first night and then draw a plan based on my evaluation.

I believe that all students are different. They all stand at a different level. They have unique challenges and need unique solutions to advance their game with women.

I make my students interact with women and see how they come across to women. Then I tweak a few things to see if women react differently. Then based on my evaluation I design drills and exercises for the remaining workshop.

I believe it is a waste of time to teach how to approach women if students are already good at it. I prefer to devote more time to the areas that students are struggling with. This is how students get faster results.

However, this is a challenge when you have multiple students.

This is where Love Systems professionalism and corporate structure help them teach boot camps of 12 students. This gives students the opportunity to train with a large group of peers some of them end up becoming friends. We on the contrary, cannot give individual attention to 12 students so we keep our class size small to 4 students and 2 instructors.

I guess at the end we both have our plus and minuses. Love Systems are more professional and organized to teach 12 student workshops. Students get to enjoy the experience with a large group of peers. We on the contrary, can’t provide the experience of a large group but the advantage is more individual attention, a personally customized workshop and more time with instructors. 

I guess this is the best I can summarize Love Systems vs. Attraction Methods.

If you need more information on our training programs call 1-352-432-8464 (352-4-Dating) or Email: Click the link to get more information on our Pick Up Artist Style Bootcamp

Check out Love Systems Award Winning book Magic Bullets. This book was written by Savoy the owner of Love Systems. He has been featured on Tyra Banks and Dr. Phil.This is a really good book and explains female psychology that creates attraction. If I were to recommend one thing from Love Systems, I’d recommend this book.

Click here to download Magic Bullets Book