This is the only official Page with reliable information on Magic Leone. Over the last few years, Magic Leone has become an internet celebrity. There are various phony websites cashing on his success and pretending to be him to make money. Many of them write whatever fits their interest. We have heard many version of Magic’s life. Some of them were very amusing claiming he is a pornstar, worked for Al Qaeda, owns a harem, a cult leader and so on. We get a big laugh whenever we come across any of these sites. Unfortunately, we have no control over what people say over the web and so we created this page with reliable and verifiable facts about Magic Leone and his life.

Magic Leone
Magic Leone Founder GO5X.Com, IvyBusinessSchool.Com, AttractionMethods.Com

Magic Leone is a dating coach who moved to the US from India. He has spent last few years developing the perfect system to build an alluring lifestyle for men filled with relationships with beautiful women.

With a great desire to be successful in his own relationships and help others who were having the same dating difficulties, Magic explored every avenue from reading and counseling to seminars and workshops to improve his dating experiences.

For two years, Magic was a sex counselor for women and studied the deep emotional and physical needs that fuel women’s sexual desires. Working with them, Magic developed an understanding of how most women want to be seduced.

Working for Love systems (formerly The Mystery Method corp.) and coaching workshops with Brad P, Magic had the opportunity to hang out with world’s biggest pick-up artists like Mystery, Savoy, Style, Brad P, Bad Boy, Lance Mason and see them in action.

Magic used his personal knowledge and experience to put up a system to help men enhance their power of attraction and develop behaviors that women find irresistible. He has used his experience to build an attraction model that will create the same results for every man, no matter what their dating goals might be.

Magic is the creator of popular coaching programs including: Attraction Bible, Silent Seduction And Three Day Dating Training Program.

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