shutterstock_238035898Every woman SECRETLY wants to experience strong OUT-OF-CONTROL attraction. I am talking about lust that is un-quenchable.

Men who are successful with women know this female psychology. They know that the fastest way to get a woman is by getting her AROUSED. Master seducers are great at generating sexual tension without relying on luck or help from friends or circumstances. The masters know how to perfectly seduce the female brain.

Once CARNAL DESIRE take over, a woman has no choice but to surrender.

Once this happens, the master seducer is in full control. What happens next is ultimately up to him. Men who are not used to having control usually make the mistake of holding back when she secretly wants to go all the way.

I see this mistake weekend after weekend in my workshops  – men trying to win women with friendly conversations that seems to go no where.

I want to keep you from making this same MISTAKE! Below is a video clip where I teach my clients how to get intimate with women by taking control of her emotions.

Watch this VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO right now:

When you like a woman you start to experience STRONG SEXUAL and LUSTFUL FEELINGS and its important that those feelings are reciprocated. Do this by:

Making strong eye contact that says I want you. (Great example of this in the Flirting Manual)

Touch her in implied places where you are respectively saying I want to take this further.

Compliment her body and what makes her unique. For instance say: Your lips are very different, I like that shade of lipstick on you, you have long/short fingers.

Look in her eyes with a smile.

Follow these steps exactly and she will MELT.

To a woman, compliments like the previous are respectful ways of objectifying her. She knows that you’re turned on to her and in return, she’ll turn on to you!

What I jut shared is a tiny secret from my Master Seducer’s tool kit.

Whether you want a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, you will need to master these techniques.

YOU can use these tools to SET YOURSELF APART from the rest of the guys out there… start getting mind-blowing results with beautiful women!!!

If you want to learn these skills and become a Master Seducer then download my flirting manual here: Flirting Manual 2.0 (Now Included In Attraction Bible)

Your Friend,

Magic Leone

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