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Mystery (VH1’s The Pickup Artist) On Negs

I recently recorded a video which generated lot of controversy. In this video I suggested steering away from Negs as taught by Mystery Method. Here it is:

People have taken this video way out of the context. I have been getting emails on a regular basis asking if I hate Mystery Method or if I am against Mystery.

For those of you who don’t know about Mystery, he is the founder of Mystery Method and lead on Vh1’s “The Pick Up Artist Show”. Mystery runs the website Venusian Arts.

I am not against Mystery. I like the guy. He is cool.

I am not friends or partners with Mystery or Mystery Method but I am not against them either.

In fact, I have a lot of respect for Mystery and his methods. I have heard the struggle Mystery went through when he started the Mystery Method Bootcamps. I have heard stories about Mystery teaching workshops for $50 and crashing on other people’s couches to keep Mystery Method workshops going. I respect and admire that about Mystery.

Truth be told it is because of Mystery that Pick Up community has become so large. And I will be a complete jackass to not acknowledge it.

I am also not suggesting that Mystery Method does not work. There is no way for me to prove that. Any intelligent man knows that nothing works for everyone and everything works for someone. So to say that Mystery Method does not work is silly.

Mystery has a very different approach to meeting women.

Mystery Method

I personally do not prefer Mystery Method style of meeting women.

I do not like Mystery’s Method because it is too slow for me. It takes hours and days before you reveal your intention to women using Mystery’s Method. In my opinion Mystery’s method hurts your self esteem and inhibits your chances of building confidence.

I personally like to make men comfortable with the idea of getting sexual with women. I teach to get sexual right upon approaching women but in a manner that is appreciated by women. Yes this is in contrast to the Mystery Method.

Unlike Mystery Method I believe that women are flattered when they hear that a man desires them sexually.

Unlike Mystery Method I also believe that women like a man who does not take no for an answer.

And unlike Mystery Method I also believe that men get much better and faster results by getting sexual early on.

This is the reason 3 out of 4 guys I taught last year ended up sleeping with women within one week of training if not during the training itself.

Read their reviews here.

Look guys I want to clarify this once and for all: I am not against Mystery or Mystery Method. I just share my belief system and techniques which sometimes are in contrast to Mystery Method.

I also believe that there is no one way of meeting women. I switch from direct to indirect depending on the woman and venue all the time. I mean it is only natural that sometimes you reveal your intentions right away and other time you hold them for a bit.

Mystery Method

During my training I take the direct approach so clients can build sexual comfort around women.

I want my clients to discover that nothing happens if a woman finds out early on that a man is trying to get into her pants. If anything it makes him come across as a man who is not ashamed to get sexual. This only turns women on. This realization alone takes my clients to the next level and they get laid in no time.

Yes this is different and faster than Mystery Method but I am not going to apologize for it. And this in no way implies I hate Mystery Method.

I will agree I made a video where I mentioned that I do not appreciate the usage of ‘Negs’ as taught by Mystery Method because it hurts students more than it helps. (P.S. just because I do not agree with one concept, it does not mean I hate Mystery Method).

Soon after the video I got hundreds of emails saying I did not interpret Mystery Method’s description of negs right. And that negs as taught by Mystery Method are not about hurting a woman’s self esteem. Well here is a video where Mystery himself is talking about Negs. Scroll to 1.01 and hear Mystery say “Not only do I briefly lower her self esteem…”.

Look guys let’s get mature and face it. I have a different belief system and method that Mystery Method. There is nothing wrong with that. Mystery and Mystery Method can preach their system and I can do mine.

Whether I hate Mystery or love him or whether Mystery gets offended by my comments or love them should be a matter to be decided between Mystery and I.

I am positive that Mystery is beyond pettiness and does not care.

He is here to help men and so am I. He is doing it his way and I am doing it my way. I think we both can respect each other for that. So stop creating this feud because there is no tension between Mystery and I. And I will be more than happy to sit and have a beer with Mystery.

Hope this clears my stance on what I think of Mystery and Mystery Method. Hope we all can act mature and accept rationally that people think and operate differently. Just because I have different belief system and style from Mystery and Mystery method I do not hate them.

I do not criticize Mystery Method. I just share information and my mindset which is at times different or in contrast to Mystery method.

Let us focus on discussing concepts so everyone can benefit from it as opposed to creating rivalry which gets attention but no real benefit.

With this post I have cleared my stance on Mystery Method once and for all.

You can find more information on my training method by visiting my Pick Up Artist Bootcamp page.

Disclaimer: I know there is a dispute between Mystery and Love Systems about the ownership of I am not sure what the outcome of the dispute is. This is why I want to clarify that when I mention Mystery Method here I am referring to Mystery and his teachings he used to do under the banner of Mystery Method. This article is not a reference to love systems or their teachings.