Do you need to change your game when you want a one-night stand versus if you want a long-term relationship? This is an EXTREMELY common question guys ask me on my bootcamps each weekend.

The idea that acting romantic is saved only for long-term relationships, and aggressive sexual behaviour is only for when you want to spend one night with a girl.

I share an example situation from a client in the video:

In the video I talk about an email I received from one of my successful 1-on-1 clients. He talks about how much success he’s had since the program but that this interesting issue of treating a woman differently depending on whether you want a short term or long term relationship has come up for him.

Here’s the email (Click To Zoom In):


The truth is that acting romantic and sexual ARE NOT reserved for either short or long term relationships.

They are like a spice on a dish, and should be incorporated in both.

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Best Wishes!

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