Are you lost and don’t know where to start making changes?

Are you confused on where to begin, what to do to start changing your situation with women?

Dating Women is simple. Living a different lifestyle where you socialize regularly and have good women in your life is very doable but you have to start taking action.

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Things You Can’t See Are EXACTLY The Things That Are Keeping You Single!

I recently trained a client. He was struggling to connect with women. He mentioned how there was a disconnect between him and every woman he approached.

I observed him around women and suggested he tone down on his fashion. I recommended few other changes but fashion was his big limitation.

He was a good looking guy with good body. He was wearing tight fitted clothes and lot of accessories.

This made him come across as try too hard.

Women saw him as an insecure man trying to impress women. They did not like this about him and felt uncomfortable talking to him.

The minute he followed our advice and changed his look things changed for him. He sent me email/review couple weeks later mentioning the affect of his new fashion:

As I have been following the objectives given to me, I got to say I feel like I have a new lease on life.

I am having more fun, I being more adventurous, I am taking more risks, I care less about what others might think and I am connecting with people and women in a new way.

The small changes Andy and Magic helped me make to my fashion and appearance has had a surprising affect, women respond to me much better and often they begin to kino (TOUCH) me.

I am becoming more and more grateful that I invested the time, energy and finances to do the bootcamp.

This is not unique.

In the same workshop I had a client who recently moved from India.

He had no success with women since he moved here. His friends would tell him that the only way to talk to women was by offering to buy them drinks.

When he came to the workshop, he firmly believed that he was not good enough to be with attractive women.

With a little push the very first night of the training he ended up making out with an extremely hot woman. She even tried to pull him to the restroom for sex but the bouncer refused to let it happen.

This man was in shock! He could not believe that this was possible. He could not believe that this kind of thing could happen to him.

This experience changed his life.

It washed away all his doubts in his ability to date women.

He started to feel in control. He was approaching attractive women left and right that until now he thought would never talk to him. He was sitting down with them in no time, touching them and taking control of their interactions.

No one could tell he was new at approaching women. It seemed like he has been meeting women for years.

All of this happened after he replaced his self doubts with positive experience that he can get attractive women.

These are great examples how your behavior, your confidence, your interaction and ability to flirt is controlled by your perception of self and women.

One little doubt can paralyze you and one positive belief can bring out the confident man in you.

Once you discover that you can get women your life is changed forever. You do not hold back any more and you give up your old ways of living right away because now you know that you can go out on regular basis and live the life you always wanted.

Are You Aware Of The Perceptions And Limited Beliefs That Make You Feel Less Confident Around Women?

Are You Aware Of Things Creating A Disconnect Between You And The Woman You Like?

Do You Have A REAL Game Plan To Get Women?

Do You Know How To Start A New Way Of Living?

Majority of the clients I train have no idea why they feel nervous around women. Many fail to understand why they can’t make progress with women.

So they begin to rationalize that it is their acne, height, body type or accent that limits them with women.

If you are in the same boat then start paying attention that inner voice of yours.

Write down the 5 major dominant thoughts you have around dating women.

These thoughts are the once that are holding you back.

And we need to replace these thoughts not with theory but with experience.

If you are past the anxiety and you are comfortable around women but are not getting consistent results then there is some mismatch that needs to be discovered.

If you experience similar situation over and over then you know the problem area.

For instance if women usually end conversation within the first 5 minutes then we know something is happening in those 5 minutes that turn women off.

If you spend time with women get their number but can’t get them to come out on a date then we need to investigate why you are not able to have attraction that compels women to come out on a date. It could also be that you are doing something on the phone or text that puts them off.

Or maybe you are at the beginning stage and are just too confused to even know where to start.

The solution to all of these is to come to a workshop and let me help you. Let me observe you the first night and detect what is keeping you from getting women. Then find a solution to help you get women consistently.

Hope this gives you a good idea on what you need to do next.

Until next time!

Your friend,