You have two choices at this point:

You can continue to do what you have been doing. You can continue to hunt information online buy products with great marketing concepts that have never delivered any real results for you.


Learn the system that brought success to me and to hundreds of other men like me. As a guy with balding head, beer belly, 6 missing teeth, big white spots and poor English not only did I sleep with 4-500 women using this system – I ended up finding my true love and am happy with her.

Let me share a quick story with you…

205167_1013434691100_1900_n copyThis photo is of me at the Pajama Party at Playboy Mansion. I went there with Savoy of Love Systems who graciously purchased me an entry ticket. So yes I am not making this up but have witness, in fact in this case my competitor is my witness.

And Yes I look funny here but it was a theme party.

The girl in the photo(on the right), I met her at the Playboy Mansion and we dated.

When I first saw her I walked up to her and started making out without saying hi or hello.

Yes fast seduction works for me. It may work for you as well but everyone is different and different style of flirting may bring you stronger results and hotter girls. We need to identify what that right strategy is for you.

5 minutes into conversation she mentioned she was feeling cold.

I rubbed her arms to warm her up.

This made her wonder if I was desperately trying to please her. She started ignoring me.

So what did I do?

I started talking to another guy and started discussing my friend circle. Yes I could have demonstrated this woman that I am good with girls and could have shared stories about my ex girlfriend but I did not do that.


Because I know this woman gets it that I am sexually comfortable with women. After all I just kissed her without saying hello. And if she was ok making out with me there are other women who feel the same way.

Bragging about my other girls would have made me unattainable or unreliable. Also we were in the Playboy Mansion so it already casts doubt on my intentions about her.

Since sincerity, and laidback are two of my effective traits in seducing women I demonstrated them at this point to maintain my comfort with her.

At the same time demonstrating my social circle conveys I am popular and loved by people, which makes her want to re engage me and that is exactly what she did.


fullsabNow this is another woman that I dated few years before the Playboy Mansion incident.

She also started to doubt my intentions and one day asked me if I was dating her to get a green card.

What did I do?

I started telling her how I have multiple women in my life and that I can date anyone I want. I started playing hard to get and delayed answering her future calls.

Until now I was a ROMANTIC, which was the key to my success with this woman.

And suddenly I turned into a Playboy.

Of course she got confused and lost feelings for me!

Why did I do that?

Because I read that women chase men who have options. I wanted to demonstrate that I have options with women.

In this case it worked against me and killed the emotions she had for me.

I hope you learn from these examples that there is no universal strategy that will bring you success with women.

At the end of the day you will need to identify what works for you and apply it from your first impression to end game.

Your first impression, flirting and seduction have to be in line with the elements that draw women to you!

At every level of interaction with women you are facing similar choices.

The question you want to ask is:  Do you want to continue to experiment with the information that you are unsure will work for you? Do you want to continue to flip a coin and blindly pick a strategy every time you meet a woman?

Or do you want to discover the strategy you should use that is right for you and will deliver faster results?

If you want to become a real success with women and not just continue to waste your time then you need to retrain your brain.

You need to learn new ways of interacting that makes women desperately want to be with you.

But you have to make a choice and do something about it or you will always find yourself in the same place feeling confused why you struggle to date women.

I made this choice long time back. Not only am I enjoying the results of my choice but hundreds of men are dating gorgeous women because of my choice.

You can have the same impact on your dating life and life of others if you get serious and make the right choice.

I will help you in every way I can as long you make the right choice.

I guarantee that if you do a workshop with me I will teach you everything you need to know and in detail so you can actually start succeeding with women and not just hope that someday you will get a woman.

I will guarantee to help you to master the mindset and develop awareness that will allow you to become popular with women, even with women you just met. You will then have the power to choose the woman you would like to date.

If you are ready to make this change and get real results – If you are tired of wishing and hoping someday your dating life changes then take the first step and leave the rest to me.

Sign up for a workshop and come for a session with me. It is my responsibility from thereon to make sure you master your dating life and never struggle for a day wondering why you could not get the woman you liked.

And that is a promise!

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Your friend,

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