This is a REALITY check.

Answer these questions on a piece of paper:
Take a step back, and really ask yourself….

1. How do you really feel about self? 2. Your life? 3. Where you are in your life, compared to your goals (how close/time line)? 4. Your personal view on yourself image? 5. How do you believe others perceive you (strangers/girls your attracted to)? 6. What do you think they (girls) see when you approach them? 7. What do you think they hear when you speak to them?

Now take a good honest look at what you have written. This is where self-realization will kick in. The motivation to improve your life will kick in. Just reading this post, thinking about what you just read won’t do squat, you’ll quickly forget it. You have to be proactive, something as simple as doing this task will show how much you really want to improve and change your life.

Whatever you wrote, is what you are projecting, girls are picking up on this vibe/energy you are subtly giving off. You are projecting all of this as you walk around in your daily life.

How comfortable you are in your body, how comfortable you are with your sexuality, and how much you love yourself, all of this is what you are projecting out in field.

Are you a leader or a follower? Do you walk around like the king of the jungle, a Lion or a scared cat?

This is what girls and everybody else’s sees and feels when they are around you or look at you. Girls can feel your energy, your power or the lack of. If you have a weak foundation or a weak belief about yourself then those insecurities are what’s going to keep the girls from connecting with you, feeling you, and freely giving you what you really want and she wants. Girls want sex just as much you do, you just keep screwing yourself up.

Become aware of yourself, what’s going on in your head and in your body. Watch your posture, body language, tone of voice, the energy(belief) you’re projecting. This masculine energy (confidence) alone will attract women to you. When you’re out & about walking around or just sitting, become aware of everything your doing and feeling. If you notice your slouching, correct it. If you notice your apologizing for no reason or saying thank you for no real reason except out of habit… change it. All changes come from being consciously aware.

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