By becoming aware, you’re becoming to know yourself. Now you have to know what you really want. Not what others are making you believe you want.

1. You have to know what you want, a girlfriend, many girlfriends, a wife… etc. To get it. Is what you really want in alignment with your actions. If you don’t know what you want, then you have no destination, a ship lost at sea…how do you know what direction to go? Your mind needs a sense of direction, a sense of purpose, if you don’t give it one, it will just give you noise. Old recordings of past negative experiences will continue to haunt you like a broken record… If you don’t do anything to change those negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself then you will have a hard time progressing. Like a ship with its anchor still in the water.

2. There is more to the last paragraph, I left it incomplete on purpose. To get your mind curious, wanting more. If I give you the answer to everything, then this would just be read for entertainment purposes. I want this to make a difference, to make you make a change from your old boring life. This curiosity is what makes you learn about yourself. Forces you to seek improvement.

3. The questions I posted to be answered were for you to find your purpose. Know who you are, and know what you want. Find your sense of direction. Give your mind something to work on. By writing out your answers, you now have to tell your mind to find ways to turn these negative beliefs, sticking points into positives. You have given it something to focus on, keep it busy, that’s what it’s designed to do… solve problems.

4. By now knowing what has been holding you back, what’s been giving you Anxiety or whatever you believe is keeping you from progressing, you now have something to work towards fixing and making you a Man with a sense of purpose and direction.

5. Talk to women about your sense of purpose in life, and the path/direction you have decided to take, and see if you don’t capture her imagination, see if you don’t think she could possibly see herself with such an attractive Man who knows what he wants in life.

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