6.Knowing yourself, brings out your authenticity. Being genuine. That’s what attracts women to you, your deep core beliefs as a Man with a purpose in life. Women should not be your purpose, that’s what makes you appear needy to them, if getting women in your life is your purpose then your seeking their validation through your needs of them. You’re on a journey, you have a destination, a life goal, and you are inviting them to join you, you don’t need her, but I can assure you that women would love to go somewhere, anywhere… as long as they are having fun with you. Be a MAN and take the lead. That’s what women are looking for, a confident Man who speaks his mind, his truth and takes what he wants in life to include her…, that attitude is what will attract women to you.

7. If your sole purpose is to go out and meet women, but pretend your going out to just have “fun”, then your not being honest or authentic, that’s why your nights end in misery. You place value on how many interactions you’ve had with women and how many numbers you got… which leads to disappointment. You’re hoping that she will not catch on to your lies and trickery. Kind of like acting, and hoping she believes your fake acting. If your authentic and real, there is nothing to hide, nothing to reject because you are being direct, your stating your true honest intentions. But if you don’t believe in yourself, how the F* do you expect her be believe in you? Believe in what your saying? Believe that you may just have the qualities she’s looking for in a MAN. Ask yourself what positive qualities could you be positively be projecting.

8. This is why being able to tell stories that capture women’s imagination turns them on. True stories, your personal stories, your adventures, your defeats, struggles and dreams. It makes them want to join you, follow you, they want a Man who is going to lead her. Someone who they can feel safe with, even if it’s for one night. They would rather spend one adventurous night with a real grounded confident Man, then an average guy with no goals or motivation, such a guy has weak genes, and poor survivability… not very attractive.

9. A Man with an aggressive nature is a survivalist. Someone they would not mind, if by accident they got pregnant, they would at least know they are carrying a survivalist gene, not a weak offspring that will die off very easily. They slept with a guy who knows what he wants, and he wanted her and took her.
10. The old saying, it takes a thief to catch a thief. It takes one to know one. It is true, there are individuals who are naturals. But I also believe that it can be cultivated in any guy, every guy I see has the potential to be that Man, that Natural women are attracted to. It’s there, it just has to be brought out to the surface.

There has to be a shift in views, in how you see the world. The world is your mirror. Take time to observe yourself, your actions and thoughts. Are they in alinement with your over all goals? Or are you just making excuses as to why you’re not going to approach that girl your attracted to? Be honest with yourself first. Then take action.

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