Right Time To Make A Move – 90% Men Make This Mistake And Lose Women

A lot of men make the wrong move at the wrong time and lose women.

I recently had two instances in my workshops where the women were ready to go home with my clients.

The guys waited too long, and the tide turned against them.

In this post, I will share 4 case studies that show how men make mistakes.

I will then show what I would do differently.

4 Case Studies

Case Study 1: Lost One-Night-Stand

Couple getting intimate

One client spent too much time going from venue to venue.

The woman was paying for his entry ticket and even buying him drinks.

She was clearly into him.

The problem was that he spent too much time with her instead of taking her home.

At one venue the music was too loud so they could not communicate and lost the connection.

She then met another woman and the connection further weekend.

Soon it was 4 am. She was drunk and tired and decided to go home.

He should have taken her home the minute I told him that the woman was ready for him.

Remember the longer you wait, the more things will turn against you and you will lose the woman.

I Would: Take Her When She Is Ready

Keep Kissing Then Escalate To Make Out!

Start Talking Dirty. Keep it Romantic At First. Say Things Like You Smell Good. I want to undress you and see you naked.

Then escalate! say I cannot wait to have my way with you! I cannot wait to lick you and bite you all over your body! I cannot wait to pull your hair. I cannot wait to hear you moan loudly and ask me to fuck you harder.

Then say I cannot take this no more, let's go.

Take her by the hands and leave...

Case Study 2: Lost Perfect Threesome With Two Women

2 girls intimate in bed

One of my neighbors was a couple who wanted to experiment with having a threesome with another woman.

One of my female friends also wanted to experiment.

I took her to their place.

I got the girls to kiss and even start undressing one another at which point I left.

An hour later my friend showed up at my door.

She told me they slowed down ad started drinking after I left.

She got tired and things got awkward so she left.

Never stop to talk or drinking when the sex is on, especially the first time, or when you are experimenting. You risk things dying and becoming awkward.

I Would: Keep Escalating The Threesome

encourage both women!

Tell them they look beautiful.

ask them to continue.

give them directions.

Ask them to make eye contact as they kiss.

ask your woman if she is enjoying the girl. she will say yes, and this will encourage the other girl even more.

ask them to undress each other.

ask the girls if it is ok to join them. then kiss your girl.

pull back and say I can taste her on your lips.

make one of the girl go down on the other while you make out...

keep escalating. do not slow down.

if you bring liquor in the mix. pour on one woman's body. then the two of you lick it from her body.

or take a sip and transfer liquor from your mouth into the mouth of your girl. tell her to pass it in the mouth of another girl.

Do not put out the heat no matter what you do.

Case Study 3: Lost One-Night-Stand

couple kissing outdoors

In another workshop, the woman was ready for my client but he did not see it right away.

Not a problem. This is what he came to learn and he did learn it that night.

The attraction was strong enough that the woman texted him at 1.30 at night to meet.

He went there and saw that she was too drunk.

He did not like this and walked back to his hotel.

Any other man would not have missed this chance at booty call but I am proud that he took the high road.

I never sleep with women who are wasted. It is not worth it.

The point is that this woman wanted sex from him that night. This is why she texted later when she was drunk.

Had he made the move early in the night, he would have had sex.

The longer you wait the more you risk things going wrong.

I Would: Follow the teaching from the example above.

Act right away instead of waiting long.

Arouse her using the example above or the teachings from Attraction Bible - then take her home right away.

Case Study 4: Lost Hook Up Until I Made it Happen

If a woman shows up at your door for sex, do not waste time by taking her on a date.

I have many women in my life. It is impossible for me to sleep with all of them.

So, I connect them with my friends often.

I once talked to my female and male friends and brought them together just for a quick hookup.

The girl went to his apartment for sex.

Instead of having sex, he took her out for dinner.

This is not what she was looking for.

She got tired and left.

I found out about it the next day.

I talked to a friend and told him to just have sex and not romance her because that is not why she came.

I sent her again to his place and this time the sex happened.

I Would: Escalate Quickly Because She Came For Sex Not A Date

Offer her a glass of wine but do not waste too much time

if you must drink, keep your conversation sexual.

tell her she is beautiful. tell her she smells good. tell her you like touching her skin while you hold her hands or gently brush her arms or legs.

You can kiss and makeup while you drink.

You can even heat things up. Tell her take off her panties and hand them to you.

Or tell her to get naked and drink In the nude

But get to sex as fast as possible.

take her hands, pull towards you, kiss her, and start Undressing her

Learn Power Moves For Every Stage Of Your Interaction:

I find that most connections die because men make the wrong moves at the wrong time.

In my workshop, I teach my clients to read women and make the right moves.

I teach them how to draw attention and approach a woman at the right time.

I teach them when to start talking when to start flirting, touching, and kissing and take them home.

Master the timing and make the right move! It is important! else you will keep losing opportunities and women

Whether you are going out to meet women for sex or trying to date the woman who is your friend, coworker, neighbor, or anyone else, it is important to know how they see at that moment and make the right move.

Watch Attraction Timing And Signals In The Video On The Top Of This Page.

I show attraction signals that should help you make the right move.

Reflect on your past experiences. See if can spot mistakes.

follow TEASE system to the tee.


Come to a workshop so I can work with you in person and teach you the moves and timing that work for you.



Until Next Time!

Magic Leone

Had One Night Stand After Watching DVDs


Thank you so much for sharing your videos.

I actually ended up getting an One Night Stand right afterwatching your DVDs.

Seemed to work really well haha.

My handle is XXX if you want to read the report. Please let me know what you schedule is going to be like afteryou return from visiting your family.

I’d really like to schedule one of your training sessions.

Thanks again,
– Chris
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Made Love With A Girl Who Was My Long-Time Friend!

Thanks Magic! I made love with a girl this weekend who was my friend from long time.

With my new look and aggressiveness i think i was able to come out the safe guy mode.

You changed my life!
Sai Manohar

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Slept With Two Different Girls Back To Back!

Hi Magic, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from you so far.

I’ve read ‘social mastery’ watched the social circle DVD’s and had a 30 minute phone call with you.

All of this has made a big difference.

I had my first ‘back to back’ two weeks ago where I slept with two different girls for the first time. One of them was 25, which is really the age category I find myself attracted to (I’m 32).

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Pulled 5’10” Eastern Bloc Model Home The Same Night Using This System!

I tried several aspects of social circle game just for one night at a dance club to see what happened.

After about 2 hours I realized that I could have slept with at least 5 or 6 girls just that night. It was ridiculous. And then I ran into a gorgeous 5’10” eastern bloc model with strawberry blonde hair and amazing bone structure named Natalia.

I used various techniques from your system. The next thing I knew she was dragging me outside to hail a cab back to her loft. The sex was incredible, sex usually is but what made this time so perfect, so gratifying was I wasn’t at the mercy of who was interested in me.

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I Had A Girl Take Me Home That Weekend And Now Two Weeks Later Another!

After getting your online book I had a girl take me home that weekend and now two weeks later another. While I’m slowly learning all you teach I think your book gave me the confidence to push through my social barriers that had built up via being more physical sooner, more playful and showing more direct interest. 🙂

Thanks keep up the amazing work and fresh perspective on the game.

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Girls Were Having Three Way Kisses With Me And Wanted To Take Me Home

Hey Magic,

Life keeps getting more awesome! I wanted to let you know about the last time I went out.

I have several social circles that I know there along with seeing random friends there all the time. When I went last week I met one of Julies friends, Liz (very cute)who was very interested in me.

I was also talking to a girl (also very cute) from another group of friends and I had a feeling she was interested in me as well. Toward the end of the night I had both girls who were leaving with their friends trying to get me to go with them.

I basically had to decide which girl I wanted to take home that night. That was one of the best problems I have ever had! Liz, the girl I choose is very Bi and I think that could lead to more good things!

And I left things well with the other girl so that is still an option later. That night there was a lot of girls making out with girls and having three way kisses with me and 2 girls. It was a good night!

Talk to ya later

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Had Sex The Same Night With A Girl I Met At A Shopping Mall

Hi Magic,

Everything you teach about dating and seduction fucking works.I met this girl at a mall . We decided to hangout the next day. She texted me the next day to confirm if we were still on for the date. This has never happened to me before.

She was nervous and told me that she never goes out with random guys on a date. I told her that I was nervous as well and then took her hand and put it on my chest to feel my heartbeat (I got this from your video Magic).

She was so turned on that she started kissing me and man it was awesome. She gave me the best kisses I ever got. She was licking my neck, ears and was kissing me wildly. She even caught my manhood and she could not stop herself.

I took her to my place right after this. I told her to masturbate in the car on the way to my place (This was the first time that I ever used it,and it fucking works like magic) She totally went with it. Use your imagination after this !!!!!

Thanks again MAGIC!!!!
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Dating Married Woman Who Left Her Husband For Me!

Before I heard about you, I had literally spent years trying to make myself an attractive guy and had made very little progress.

I was focusing on all the wrong things. I was wasting my time in bars all over the city, because at that time, it felt like a job.

After I was introduced to your method , I just felt better about talking to women. I felt like there might be some progress that was happening or was about to happen.

Shortly after that, I met a woman. With the ideas you taught running through my head, I was able to be relaxed and fun enough that we ended up sleeping together right away.

Only a few weeks after she and I met, we admitted to one another that we were in love with each other.

I say “admitted” because we’d begun the relationship with the understanding that we would not get attached. She was married and I was more interested in being single.

That was over a year and a half ago. She and I are still together. She’s separated from her husband, whom I’ve met (he’s a pretty cool guy). Her mother knows about me and supports my girlfriend’s decisions. I’ll be meeting her very soon.

I hope I’ve made it clear that none of this would have happened without you. You taught me how to show my best self to the world.

You taught me how to recognize the opportunities that come my way. Most importantly, you taught me to believe that I deserve all of this.

Your work helped me develop a sense of self-worth that I didn’t even know I was missing. Thank you for that.
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“Magic Put Dale Carnegie To Shame”

Social Circle Dating is not a very good title for this product. Honestly, it’s a shit title. It should be called Life According to Magic.

When the video begins, Magic gives a brief overview of the topics he’s going to cover and it all sounds like exactly what you would expect: making friends, dating and sleeping with women in your social circle, dating and befriending co-workers, etc.

All of these things are explored in such depth and detail as to put Dale Carnegie to shame.

It soon becomes clear that Magic hasn’t produced a video about building and managing a social circle; he has put to record what, to my knowledge, is the most comprehensive overview of his knowledge, attitudes and perspectives.

By the end of the video, he’s no longer talking about making friends and getting laid; he’s telling you what it takes to be happy.

If you buy any one product from Magic, this should be it.
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Recently Met An Actress

I want to thank you. You’re DVDs changed my life, and it is still on going.
I live in Korea, and it still works here.

I’ve been practicing with your stuff, I had succeeded with the 10s. Not even 9s, not 9.5s but 10s. Friends are amused of what I’ve done and doing.

Recently I met this ’10’ girl, who is an actress. Of course she is beautiful, and I wanted to know her better as I met her again and again so we’ve been dating for about a month.

We ended up making out, and I didn’t go any further than that. After that I walked her home, and said goodbye. I was happy that we are going to be in a relationship.

We made a short phone call(She called me to ask if I was back home well.) than slept.

Will update you soon!

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