Few years back I was hanging out with a group of friends. We were two guys and three girls in the group. There was a girl in the group and we will call her Jenny for the sake of this lesson. Jenny and I were flirting with each other. Later that evening we all friends were walking downtown having a good time.

Teasing and flirting continued between Jenny and me. In fact the intensity kept on increasing. There came a time when we both made strong eye contact while walking. The only right thing to do at the time was to get sexual by holding her hand. And I did just that.

I slowly extended my hand towards her and held half of her palm. I did not want the touch to be too much or too aggressive. I also made the move quietly to avoid her embarrassment in case our friends notice.

She did not hesitate and held my hand. We hardly walked 10-15 steps and we felt like we had to let go of the hand. From that point on the attraction continued to go downhill and gradually all was lost.

I figured it died because I did not know how to handle past holding her hand which was partially true.

Right Way To Seduce Women!

Sometime later I was attending a party at my college dorm rooms. There was a guy who was in similar situation as me. He was flirting with a girl who was part of the group. However he was behaving very differently that I did with Jenny.

This guy was not keeping his attraction for his girl on the low. He was pretty open about flirting with this girl. Interestingly he did the same exact thing of holding her hand except that he held her hand firmly and had a nice grip. And soon they were making out and things got more sexual.

Watching this guy I recognized exactly why I failed with Jenny. I was trying to keep my flirting and touching a secret assuming Jenny will get embarrassed if other friends see her. This guy on the contrary wanted everyone to see for in his mind he was not doing anything wrong.

I was afraid to touch Jenny and wanted her to feel comfortable with my touch. This guy on the contrary dominated his girl with his touch. He made his girl feel feminine and as a result things got sexual between them.

Seduce Women With Confidence!

This is a key lesson to learn: If you go after a woman go with full confidence. Do not hesitate about how she would feel. Women can always say no if they don’t feel comfortable. If you hesitate to get sexual or if you act as if there is a need to be secret about your act, you will make the woman feel uncomfortable and the attraction she has for you will die.

When I approach a woman now I know it is the only natural and the right thing to do. I get sexual and I believe women enjoy it as well. This makes it easy for me to continue.

Once in a while a woman asks if I am trying to get into her pants?

My answer: yes but not just yet. I need to know you more before I go to bed with you.

Women feel comfortable dating me and getting sexual with me because I make them feel that it is normal to do so.

Secret Sauce To Seduce Women!

I’ll say again it is very important to learn the right behavior and belief system. These two are the driving force to make sex/relationship happen.

The question is how do you learn the right behavior and attitude in a time when there is so much junk surfing around you.

When I started I used to go to bars, clubs and restaurants and watch couples interact. Watching their body language, eye contact, touch gave me an idea what romantic and sexual interaction with women looks like. At times I still make my clients observe couples as part of the workshop.

Watching couples and their body language helps you to read where women stand in an interaction. This is how I can tell if a woman wants to sleep with me or not.

Here is an example a very common one: Sometimes I have a client who will get a woman’s phone number and come to me.  I would yell at him for walking away saying why he left when the woman wanted to go home with him. I will send him back to reengage the woman and he will end up taking her home.

These clients always ask me the next day how I figured that the woman would end up going home with them.

The answer is EXPRIENCE.

Watching couples have trained me to read women’s body language.

Little Things That Bring You Success With Women!

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