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Got The Woman I Loved For A Long Time
This client was in love with a woman for a long time but it was not going anywhere. Few weeks after the workshop he was able to change things and make her fall in love with him. They have now moved in together.
Got Married After The Workshop
This client had no game when he first came to me. Soon after the workshop, he met a woman was already seeing another guy. He built a strong connection with her and they got married.
Threesome + Added 4 Girls To Rotation - Now In Relationship
This client had spent over $50,000 in training with other companies but got no success. He a threesome 2 days after training with Magic, added 4 women for hookups and is now in relationship
One Night Stand During Workshop + 4Some Week After
This client just got out of dysfunctional sexless marriage where his wife was cheating on him. He had a one-night stand during workshop and a foursome a week after the workshop.
Hopeless Guy Becomes Master Seducer - Now in Relationship
This client started at a bad place. Women would not respond to his approach. His game changed after the workshop. He started sleeping with hot women on regular basis and is now in a committed relationship.
Dating Multiple Younger Women And Having Threesomes
This client is living his life. He is dating multiple women who are much younger than him and having threesomes. He has regular flow of women since workshop who bring more women to him.
Handicap Client Had 2 Threesomes And Now In Relationship
This client had a physical handicap. It was very hard for him to talk to women and generate attraction. This affected his inner game. After the workshop he had 2 threesomes and is now in a relationship.
Multiple One-Night Stands Within A Week Of Training With Magic
This client was dependent on alcohol to overcome his fear of approaching women. He had inner game issues. He ended up having multiple one-night stands within a week of training with Magic
Shy Guy Takes Woman Home From Workshop And Afterwards
This client started was very shy. Women did not feel any attraction for him because of his boyish mannerisms. He ended up taking a woman home during workshop and many more afterwards.
Took Woman Home 8 Days After The Workshop
The 2 days I spend with Magic, was the most transformational weekend I have ever experienced. Magic tailors the program to you, your inner game belief system, issues, and sticking points.
Instant Date With A Stripper During Day Game Training Session!
After the Magic’s incredible demo, i did my first approach. The girl i approached turned out to be an exotic dancer and we ended up having an instant date,!!
Took A Woman Home One Week After The Workshop
This client started was very shy. Women did not feel any attraction for him because of his boyish mannerisms. He ended up taking a woman home during workshop and many more afterwards.
Had Sex In Public Bathroom Now In Relationship
After attending your workshop on Saturday, I felt liberated. I went on a first date two days later and had sex with the chick in a public bathroom -with no lies, no bullshitting, and no LMR.
Pulled A Girl Home From The Boot Camp!
I also just finished a 1-on-1 bootcamp with Magic, and I’m blown away. I didn’t think I could alter my behavior, attitude, thought processes, and body language as rapidly as I have.
Took Woman Home Shortly After Training
He is great at demoing. He says what he will do before he goes into the set and then explains everything after. I took other boot camps and I would recommend Magic over the other guys any day.
Started Dating In 2 Weeks After The Workshop
Hey Magic, Its been about 2 weeks since the NYC Bootcamp and just wanted to let you know that I had my first major success last night. I was able to use 3 levels of kino and makeout
Mind blowing Progress Overnight
I also just finished a 1-on-1 bootcamp with Magic, and I’m blown away. I didn’t think I could alter my behavior, attitude, thought processes, and body language as rapidly as I have.
Made Out With A Girl In Training And Almost Pulled Her Home
I opened a set of girls from Canada, and was getting great attraction with my target. I had been struggling with kino escalation and she was my practice dummy. We kissed a couple times,
Day Game Review: Magic Is The Real Deal
J The Ripper of Casanova Crew Los Angeles was amazed after one session of training with Magic. According to him, he made the most progress after this one session
2 Women On My Arms During The Training Session At A Casino!
I approached these 2 girls at the slots. Then we did an instant date, and I walked with them arm-in-arm through the casino and everybody was looking at us. It felt like a million bucks this night.
Women Wanted To Take Him To Bathroom
Magic and I used the same lines and within 10 minutes women wanted to take him to the bathroom for sex because they were having a blast while I was still struggling to talk to make them talk to me.
Serious Life Altering Experience , Wish I Had Years Ago
Magic from the bottom of my Heart and Soul I want to thank you for investing in me. I actually look back and wonder how sad it would have been to go on another year without having taken it.
put training Los Angeles
Had Sex In A Car On Busy Hollywood With People Cheering!
This client was struggling for years. He took other pickup workshops but was not going anywhere. Magic taught him how to calibrate with women and he ended up having sex right away.
TV Actress Wrote Her Phone Number On The Bill Without Even Asking
At one point we got a bite to eat, it wasn’t even as if Magic was trying to demo. He was just genuinely interested in a our waitress, who happened to be a part time TV actress and she wrote her number on our bill.
Pulled A Woman Home From Workshop
f you’re looking for someone to sell you routines and gimmicks, then don’t waste your time with Magic. But he will show you exactly what’s preventing you from being an attractive, high value guy, and how to overcome it.
Dating The Woman Of My Dreams Thanks To Magic
I have now settled down with the type of woman of which I have always dreamed and things are going great!!! If things don’t work out with my lady, I am VERY confident I will be able to get another high quality girl again. Life is good!
I Made Love With A Girl Who Was My Friend For Long Time
I made love with a girl this weekend who was my friend from long time , with my new look and aggressiveness i think i was able to come out the safe guy mode. Looking forward to our second session and would be working on the stuff you taught me .
Getting Over Approach Anxiety Was Super Easy With Magic's Training!
This client had major anxiety issues. He was on prescription medication for anxiety. In 2 days his anxiety was completely gone and he was flirting fearlessly with women
No One Can Do What Magic Does! He Is An Incredible Coach!
This client was interning at Love Systems when he first me Magic. He was struggling with women but soon started his own company ( after learning from Magic. 
Magic's Bootcamp Is Not For The Faint Of Hearts - You Have To Be Someone Who Wants it
Magic read things about me that I cover up even from self. He saw my inner game issues and made me confident around women. Honored to be trained by Magic
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Multiple One Night Stands And Girlfriend Since Workshop
Since I took your boot camp, I’ve been getting a lot of Same Night Lay’s. That is until I found my current girlfriend.
Dating The Girl I Met Recently. I Am Amazed With The Success
I’ve been having a great time. I have been dating this amazing girl I met for past several weeks
Getting Lays Since Workshop! Amazing How Easy It Is
I am getting lays, but it is kind of sporadic and I’m not devoting 24/7 to going out to get laid. I am having fun flirting
The Last Bootcamp I'll Ever Take
I’m not getting ONE RED CENT out of anything I’m about to say in this post. This is my experience and I wanted to share it.
Pickup Artist Bootcamp Austin
Women COMPETING To Go Home With Me!
That night there was a lot of girls making out with girls and having three way kisses with me and 2 girls. It was a good night!
Pickup Artist London
One Night Stand Right After The Seminar
I actually ended up getting an SNL right after the seminar while testing out your kino escalation model.
You Got Me Laid, And No One's Ever Helped Me
You got me laid, and no one’s ever helped me do that in such a way. you have my permission to take any statements from that review in your favor to help your company!
Women Smiling And Giving Me Their Info Without Even Asking
I took a chance on Magic and it was a life changing event for me. Magic created for me what many refer to as a “paradigm shift” regarding my life in general and with women.
Pua Miami
Never Thought A Video Game Would Help Me Get Laid
She ended up coming over to check it out.Since there are nocontrollers it works great for kino escalation! Never thought a video game would help me get laid!